8-10-14 Grow Site 3 Update – Outdoor


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8-10-14 Grow Site 3 Update - OutdoorYou can also follow my posts as Justintime233 at: Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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  1. The KlezmerTube on

    Outside grows go crazy. In my country, growing under a lamp, or growing
    more than 5 plants is considered illegal so I grow 4 outside, each one in a
    60L bucket and they go wild each year. I dont grow to sell, I grow to
    extract oil for medical use. The tallest one I have now is over 2,5m (8
    feet). Clouds or not, big harvest or not.. Your plants are so much more
    healthy when they grow outside. Normal dirt + organic manure (or compost
    tea) is the key. Give the plants what nature normally would give them.
    Remember that putting 5 to 7 regular leaves a day (in any stage of growth)
    in a smoothy balances most of your immune system and brain fucntions. The
    CBD in raw cannabis plant leaves are still bound to the carbon atom which
    makes it CBDA. That stuff is more healthy than you can imagine. So, use
    they entire plant. People actually pay for the sap out of raw leaves and
    whole strants are being bred for high levels of CBDA. Anyway, brave that
    you grow that much in the US. Beautiful to see man. 

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