7/1/14 update OMMP Outdoor FTG…


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7/1/14 update OMMP Outdoor  FTG...Documenting an Outdoor OMMP grow, mixed with ranting about the BULLSHIT we Smile and Accept…. PLEASE comment….

7 comments on “7/1/14 update OMMP Outdoor FTG…

  1. Chris Lopez on

    Do you use tea only for veg and flower or do u use any other nutes? Plants
    look great..

  2. QWERTY42 on

    I know more about syria than 99 percent. Ive been watching that conflict
    since year 1, most people just started caring now that its been over 2
    years…. I dont understand why people care now? Anyway, russia and the
    syria leader are corrupt killers. The ISIS is not supported by America…
    we supported the FSA. That is the thing, there is more than 3 groups and
    sides fighting inside syria now, all for domination of the land, truly….
    USA needs to stay out, believe me 100 percent. Just stick to our herb and
    let them worry about their own hellhole land over there, its DESTROYED NOW
    because of russian weapons being sold to both sides. It is so corrupt over
    there that NOBODY knows whats going on. Like I said, there is not even 2
    sides, its a giant war of morons fighting for religious purposes now…..
    any normal syrian is long gone now, so just dont give a crap anymore, its
    over with and the land is beyond destroyed for now. Anyway, plants looking
    killer as always, cheers! haha, fuck it, thats life.

  3. Venial Sin on

    if ya don’t mind me asking what makes ya think there’s enough time for them
    to flip back to veg before flower happens?

  4. CannonCan Grow on

    my did the same thing, put out week after moms day.the gov, is all a big
    bag of shit .it’s all about the payoela$$$$$$

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