4/20 Good Vibes Giveaway! :D

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April 12, 2015
April 12, 2015

4/20 Good Vibes Giveaway! 😀 Enter to Win One Of 3 Prize Boxes full of stoner gear & a Bong for 4/20! Rules: Contest is open to US Stoners 18 years & older only. 1) You Must Be Subscribed…


  1. Alec S. says:


  2. 420 TIME says:

    #goodvibe great giveaway good luck to every one

  3. aldon davenport says:

    Sending some #GoodVibes your way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Nate S says:

    Shout out from the cheeseheads! Everyone stay happy, healthy and high

  5. xTHCxHybrid203 says:

    love ur vid and keep up the good work stay green stay hi and love weed

  6. Matthew Moreland says:

    Woo hoo… stoner christmas!!!!! Great video. Nothing better than some
    medication with nature.. CHEERS!!!!! #GoodVibes 

  7. Geek Girl Geekgasm says:

    I turned 42 today…am I old enough for this giveaway? LOL Love your vids!

  8. Dr. Grass PhD says:

    #GoodVibe #GoodVibes As always, I send good vibes your way, Jane. It’s so
    good to see you enjoying your home. Such a lovely space! 

  9. Patrick Pitman says:

    Found out about cannabox from you Jane #goodvibes

  10. Scas Farmer says:


  11. Symphony says:

    I absolutely love your new backgrounds, nature gives off such a nice vibe.
    Cheers. #GoodVibe

  12. anthony tafoya says:

    #goodvibes love ur vids i watch them everyday ur my favorite stoner to
    watch and smoke too 

  13. Nicki Garbaj says:

    Bruh we been watching your videos for who knows how long and yes I meant
    we. Me and my friends get together each time you post a video and smoke
    with you lol #goodvibes 

  14. Sean Vines says:

    Jane keeps me sane

  15. Brittney Love says:

    You’re so chill and I wish I could just smoke with you in person OMG

  16. DiabolikLover95 says:

    Great videos 🙂 #goodvibes 

  17. Paul Gray says:

    Oh and congratulations on the new place, from what we have seen it looks
    beautiful! (: Maybe do a house tour, or maybe a yard tour? #goodvibes

  18. kkgforever says:

    #goodvibe I love bee lasso that’s all I use now no more butane. 

  19. Parker Jennings says:

    The only way that I can help is to use my stoner powers to send out
    #GoodVibes which will hopefully enlighten everyone’s day. And remember to
    stay high, happy, and healthy. May the #StonerNation live on!

  20. Brittney Love says:

    Love watching your videos when I’m feeling down. Just puts a huge smile on
    my face! Enjoy getting high with you each and every time #GoodVibes 

  21. Cameo Vlogs says:

    #goodvibes Love your channel, great giveaway!

  22. Dehlia Jass says:

    Love what you do and do what you love #goodvibes 

  23. whatshouldmedo says:


  24. Scas Farmer says:

    Cheers and thumbs up!!!

  25. Brittney Espinosa says:

    You have become my favorite person to watch on YouTube and smoke with. I
    love all your videos and you’re a great person. #GoodVibes for all stoners
    and all of #StonerNation

  26. Leedle Jr says:

    I don’t do drugs I light a plant on fire and inhale. #goodvibes

  27. MrAdvil X says:

    Positivity is the key to success and weed is the cure to stress but its
    even better with good friends and family #goodvibes

  28. MrAdvil X says:

    +Jane Dro #goodvibes keep up the good work with your channel

  29. kobe medina says:


  30. morgan holicky says:

    I’ve wanted to try hemp wick because I heard its waaaay better for your
    body and the environment. It would be amazing if I won sorry not trying to
    be selfish. ✌️❤️

  31. Stoney Gypsy says:

    Keep up the awesome work! God bless! #goodvibes

  32. MidwestMindManifestingMusic InfiniteGroovin says:

    Save the rainforest, #stonernation . Save the plant that saves us!
    #GoodVibe 1Love

  33. vivacious420hippie says:

    #GoodVibes hey i took a hit with every applause!! Curious..now I’m a mom so
    i understand the don’t talk about my kid to much but seeing as you’ve moved
    and you are just so happy with it..How are your kids enjoying the move and
    new school ect. Are they equally as happy as you are? Peace and pot

  34. Uncle410 . says:

    Wow awesome giveaway, have a blessed day #goodvibes

  35. kkgforever says:

    #goodvibe my goodness Jane your on a roll here you got a awesome new house,
    you’re doing awesome getting baked videos, loving the afterburn videos, and
    now a awesome giveaway I’m going to cry. 

  36. yupyuphyphy01 says:

    Smoke trees, spend trees im in love with the green!! Cant wait to visit
    Denver and make new stoner friends #Goodvibes

  37. MrAdvil X says:

    Stay high, stay happy, stay healthy, peace and love. Spread the positivity
    and show support to all the people in your life

    P.s. +Jane Dro continue doing all the things you love and congrats to ur
    new location and much love abd best of luck in your relationships with your
    family and bf hope to see a video of you and your close friends who are
    able to smoke without loosing a job one day celebrating your success

  38. rachel washburn says:

    You’re my spirit animal, keep stayin high!!

  39. Synth says:

    aaahh, it was so good to see this video from you. I just refreshed my feed
    and saw it, brought a smile to my face. 🙂 you look really happy in your
    new space, I’m so happy for you. 😀 thanks for sharing the good vibes with
    us! #goodvibes

  40. Jocelyne Gonzalez says:

    I love your videos so much! Always learning new things and seeing cool
    things from you! #goodvibes hope you’re doing well :)

  41. jonathan olvera says:

    hell yeah #goodvibe

  42. aldon davenport says:

    Sending some #GoodVibes your way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Cerena Leigh says:

    #goodvibes! may your bowl never empty and your lighter never go out!

  44. Bella Luna says:

    Dang, that’s a lot of great stuff,Jane’s Box is full! 420 is like Christmas
    for stoners! You’re a generous person…with generous sponsors! I love your
    new place! Great video! #GoodVibes

  45. Paul Gray says:

    Your videos always bring a smile to my face! (: #GoodVibes

  46. johnicka shavers says:

    Complete amazingness #GoodVibes # StonerNation 

  47. jordan collins says:

    #goodvibe thanks for another great giveaway to support the community!

  48. May Hill says:

    Hi, One Love. Hey Jane I do not understand, no matter from which part of
    the world we follow your channel and you exclude us of your gift. it’s not
    fair. is difficult to get good toys for us outside US.

  49. johnicka shavers says:

    3’s a charm for sure! #GoodVibe
    Stoner nation for shooo!!! Lol