Panel OKs medical marijuana regulations
November 14, 2014
Outdoor Cannabis Harvest– Cannasseur
November 14, 2014

420 E-Nail the smallest E-Nail on the market !! MADE IN USA COUPON CODE : SOUNDRONE Hard case sold separately (way worth it) Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp …


  1. Burningriver says:

    “wheres my straw!” i lost it haha 

  2. Mitch West says:

    lol what if there were dabs in the container. 

  3. Donny Byers says:

    .. Hey again sound. That titanium part that holds up your dish is actually
    your male joint. Ive had an enail for a while now, mine from 710coil. My
    enail is just like yours but instead of another stopper it has a second
    dish. ANYWAY. Move your male joint down and use your stopper agents the
    dish and coil, the heat discolors the ti due to oxidation. Nothing major
    just cosmetic, and reclaim can fix it.
    Edit: Around 12 I see you leave your quartz dabber on it, dont do that. ive
    left mine on and go back to grab it and the mother fucker was really hot.
    That was ti though, idk abought quartz. I would figure the same since I see
    your temp dropping like a rock while its on it. x)

  4. The77john says:

    i see many coughing fits in your future soundrone lol

  5. Rob Bob says:

    no house pants!

  6. Miguel A says:

    New sub bro nice vids sub back$$$

  7. gordon m says:

    There’s a face in the stain on your desk.. whoooa.

  8. tomato48 says:

    Welcome to the world of enails! The longer draw gets me every time 

  9. HesGoneNuts says:


  10. TKing2724 says:

    Judging by the size of the PID controller, I think the Humboldt Enail is
    slightly smaller.

  11. hankburlingame says:

    HOUSE PAN………wait….no house pants :O

  12. da bear says:

    hey sound, how can i get my hands on a bee lasso bong? 

  13. gnxcrazi says:

    Are u going to upload any videos to sdagames anytime soon or do u not have
    time to anymore? Juss wondering and keep medicating 🙂 I no I will haha

  14. Sound Experiments says:
  15. TheChristopher916 says:

    You gotta cough to get off. 

  16. Daric J says:

    Awesome video

  17. Patrick PBB says:

    Hey man, in your opinion which piece on the BoroWarhose would make the best
    daily driver for flower? Awesome vid man!!

  18. Daniel Montes says:

    Code isn’t working

  19. Luis says:

    If a soda or snack cake does not have the “Approved by Soundrone” label you
    should just say no.

  20. Society's Fault says:


  21. blunt kushman says:

    Hey sound love your videos man keep it up an btw how do I get a bee lasso

  22. Whippy TripodZA says:

    Hey sound you were talking about recapture.. In South Africa Iv never heard
    any one say anything about recapture.. What is it?

  23. isaiah medina says:

    I love watching your show come to co and let’s blaze up 

  24. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    If I dabbed… I NEED THAT!! 🙂