My First Grow Room(1 month and a week old!)
December 30, 2011
Grow Room with auto nothernLights and auto Pyrmide Galaxy
December 30, 2011

2011 MENDOCINO OUTDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA HARVEST PT 1What is up fellow YouTubers?! We had a successful harvest this year. We did not harvest early like most of our fellow growers who jumped the gun because of the back to back to back fall rain storms. Like old grandpappy JK used to say “I’d rather lose 10 lbs to mold then have 100 lbs of premature crap that smells like hay!!”…I will be uploading new indoor grow vids soon, starting w/ an idiots guide to grow room construction, soil prep & a very easy step by step nute regiment…I have been doing


  1. marijuanadreams831 says:

    Good shit bro

  2. KauaiUltras says:

    Stoked to see you back

  3. CULTIVATEAZ23 says:

    Ahh Shittt Happy To See Your Back my Friend. Peace

  4. McDank8O5 says:

    good to see you back bro

  5. PurpleSeeDs510 says:

    How you keep the white flies out the buds?

  6. bust14u21 says:

    Please tell me how to kill those moth worm fuckers!!! They strait up decimated my bcgb and og#18 grow. I’ve heard that bt is my best bet. Would love to get another cali growers opinion on this.