Will medicinal marijuana ever become decriminalized in Connecticut?

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September 25, 2010
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September 25, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Gert asked:

10 months ago there was a bill to decriminalize it for adults 18 years or older with less than an ounce in possession. However, Governor Jodi Rell vetoed the bill. Does this mean that it will never become decriminalized, or can we re-introduce the bill to the next governor?


  1. Long Beach Rocker says:

    The most effective way is to put it to a popular vote. We did that in 1995 in Ca. and legalized it for medical use. It has been decriminalized since the 1970’s This year, it will be up to the voters to decide whether to completely legalize it. It will totally legalize it and it will be taxed. You will be able to buy it at 7-11’s, Wal Marts, Etc. It will also allow every house a 25 ft by 25 ft plot to grow it for personal use free of any taxes.

    God I Love this State!!!!

  2. snow says:

    it has very wide support in Hartford in both party’s whether any Governor of either party will sign the bill is very much dependent on public opinion.