What would happen if we legalized medicinal Marijuana?

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September 4, 2010
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September 5, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
so_damn_dirty asked:

Serious answers only what would happen if we legalized medicinal Marijuana. Like the pros,con,cause and effects? Where do you stand on the issue? This is for a home work assignment which called for me to write a cause and effect essay on the topic of my choice. I chose this because I had just watched a documentary about the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Can you fully read the question instead of just blurting something idiotic like “absolutely nothing ” out?
I have never nor do I ever plan on smoking Marijuana.
Medicinal Marijuana is only legal in about eleven states.
babylara thats just dumb.. im not talking about Marijuana being legal for every tom dick and harry to walk into walmart and pick up a bag of dope im talking about it being decriminalized for people with serious illnesses


  1. Beez says:

    If it relieves suffering, why not?

  2. dze says:

    absolutely nothing …

  3. Ken C says:

    Actually, I am a Conservative and think Medical Marajuana would be a great step forward. It has some great Pain relieving properties.
    It is certainly less dangerous than the OXY, Percoset, Vicodin crap they give out like candy now.
    Far less addictive, and works just as well for many things.

  4. Chocolate Bunny says:

    Many people use it for medicinal purposes, and they have to obtain it illegally.

    If it were legalized, the price would shoot up, people wouldn’t be able to afford it for pain relief and their suffering would be worse.

    I do not think it should be legalized, it wouldn’t stop illegal prctice and would make it financially difficult on those who rely on it.

  5. argawarga says:

    Not to be facetious, but what would happen if we legalized medicinal marijuana is that people would not be arrested for growing or using medically-prescribed marijuana to relieve the pain of their (usually) chronic conditions.

  6. tobiasnobodyshero says:

    It probably should just be plain legalized, not just for medicinal purposes, as it already is in some places. On top of that, all drugs should be legalized.

    The crux of it is this: No one should have the right to control another’s decisions on how they treat their body.

    So, pros and cons of the substance itself aside, do you think it’s right for someone else to tell you how to treat you?

    I don’t, and don’t know any well informed, educated person that does.

    And, just for giggles, big macs are legal, and I’m sure eating one a day will kill you a lot faster than a joint a day. So I say, eat a salad and smoke up, people!!

  7. ohligschlager2007 says:

    Medicinal Marajuana IS LEGAL

  8. I'm My Son's Mom says:

    ok, i do not normally answer homework assignments, but you have intrigued me….so here goes.

    I live in california, and here in california it is a Legal State Law that you can obtain marijuana for medicinal reasons, with a prescription. There are stores that sell this only with a perscription.

    However, even though it is legal in California (with an rx) the federal government does not recognize it and therefore they continue to arrest, jail and prosecute the sellers in the store fronts.

    So first, (pros and cons) we would need to get the states and federal governement on the same page..cause as you can see there is a constant fight between the two governments as to who has the legal authority…while all the time putting Mr. Citizen in the middle and in jail.

    I believe that marijuana should be sold for medicinal purposes with an authorized perscription and sold by an authorized vendor. If the government wants to regulate this procedure…than fine…but at least the cancer patients who require it, could get it legally.

    causes nd effects are many…starting with the state and fedeal governements. The legal field also is involved…cause they make money either way…they defend the illegal sellers and they defend the legal sellers here in california…it is money in their pockets….while the patients suffer and die.

    I hope this has helped.

    you may also want to check out this website…Should marijuana be a medical option?

    good luck on your essay

  9. Darla N says:

    9 or 10 states have legalized “medical marijuana.” The current federal administration has taken a strong stand against it.

    Too soon to judge whether medical marijuana is working. The states that have adopted legalization have put significant limits on how much marijuana a patient can possess, how patients can acquire prescriptions/certificates of need, who can grow/produce marijuana for medical uses, etc. The limits are designed to make sure that drug dealers aren’t hiding behind the medical marijuana laws just to make a profit.

  10. babylara says:

    Since marijuana isa a narcotic drug, it creates hallucinations, delusions, illusions- many people will be mentally ill. WE already have a handful of mentally ill patients. There is no cure in mental illness BTW.

    And also, if MJ is to be legalized, the smoke coming from the user will also have an effect to those not using it. Like smoking. But the thing is, in smoking although it is hazardous to health, it does not cause mental deterioration.

    marijuana causes severe brain damage to users and the second hand smoke will have the same effect as using it directly.

    Children will not be safe anymore. There are lots of crimes already, why add more if this is to be legalized. If you would become a parent, would you like bad things to happen in your child? In our neighborhood, there are lots of pot users and i never felt safe. Especially at night.

    I just really pray that it will not be legalized. Because other addictive narcotic substances like crack, ecstasy will follow through.

    We have to think of the future since this world is not olny for ourselves.

    Even if you say it can cure cancer, it is not yet proven. As a medical practitioner, to cure cancer means to destroy cancer cells. Dont you think smoke inhalation causes cancer? Of course it does. Cancer of the lungs, Cancer of the throat, etc..
    Until it is proven that it is an effective cure against any illness without cure, i stand for MJ not to be legalized.

    And, you know kid… your just asking our opinions here, there is MJ has no therapeutic effect. It causes Euphoria, i you know what that means. Then Hallucinations, delusions and illusions. Dont you know those effects. You should read more if you are making an essay about it. There are otrher ways to relieve pain even without medication, Whether it chonic or acute. The reason why they are being arrested because they cause harm to others and themselves. To prevent them from doing such harm again. Because during the state of hallucination, delusion, illusion the patient doest know what he might do.

    You should know that.

  11. blibityblabity says:

    I see nothing wrong with it. Hell I don’t even see anything wrong with making it legal. It’s not much worse than alcohol but don’t let the pot heads fool you, it isn’t better. It makes most people lazy, and they can’t remember crap. I have worked with enough to know they suck to work with.
    Anyway back to your question, I think the main arguement for it, is that it is no more addicting or bad for you than most pain killers, and it is way cheaper to produce. Cons, I really can’t think of any. All prescription pain medicines are abused by people that don’t need them, and making pot legal for medical purposes wont cause any more addicts.