What is the US federal government’s current attitude toward medicinal marijuana use?

**was he thinking of or referring to marijuana?**?
September 29, 2010
Can you use a tobacco pipe for medicinal marijuana?
September 29, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
pollen asked:

This is directly related to a previous question asking whether that attitude is in the best interest of the people. I’m not certain what the current US federal stand is on this issue or which direction it seems to be moving. I’d like factual answers so they can be compared to opinions posted in the original “best interest” question.


  1. catholic says:

    Well… basically the US feds believe that marijuana is illegal… that’s fine… but some states have legalized medical marijuana. In general states are supposed to be able to have laws that differ from the feds and their laws usually trump the fed law. Unfortunately the feds have decided to ignore this fact and regularly bust people in states with legalized medical marijuana, shutting down their access to the drugs their doctors prescribed.

    That’s the law as I know it… basically the feds have made it illegal regardless of what states say.

  2. venous says:

    I live in California we voted to legalize medical marijuana.We have stores that have licenses to sell medical pot and the people that have prescriptions to buy have special identification cards.

    The Feds want to close them down – and have even arrested one of the owners of the medicinal marijuana store. I really don’t think that anyone in Washington is willing to go out on a limb and support medical marijuana. Whenever this comes up in the news the Feds are often quoted as saying that “Federal Law trumps State Law”, and what we are doing in CA is illegal.

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