What is the distinction between medicinal and recreational marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Cobb Perrin asked:

Once the FDA starts regulating marijuana, how would it be handled? Will there be pharmaceutical company manufactured and formulated strains of marijuana for specific diseases that can be purchased with insurance? Are there certain strains prescribed by doctors for specific diseases? How will these be different from packs of marijuana sold at smoke shops?

7 comments on “What is the distinction between medicinal and recreational marijuana?

  1. Bob on

    If it’s approved for both than most likely THC pills will be for medical use while smokables and edibles for recreational.

  2. WRX-STi on

    My grampa has medical marijuana
    and we compared it to some out door and hyrdo that we have
    i found that medical
    is way more dense
    and also has a lot more body affect
    compared to outdoor and hydro that just got us really baked like normal

  3. Brian on

    As of right now, the regulated medical marijuana just has higher THC content. If it all becomes regulated (God wouldn’t that be the day!!!), then there wouldn’t be a difference in the content, so there wouldn’t need to be a distinction. Just call it all weed and if people need it for medicine, let them go buy it for that reason. If people just want to get high, let them buy it for that. See? There wouldn’t need to be a distinction, because in reality, there wouldn’t be any difference between the grass.

  4. Brandi on

    I’m assuming they’ll treat it as they do alcohol. Different flavors, different strands, different potency… i’m sure they’ll have a way of measuring potency. I guess the potency would be alot stronger in medical marijuana.

  5. Mary J on

    Wow people need education…strains are patient preference, and potency cannot be accurately measured as different strains and harvests produce different potency’s. Marijuana is only purchased at dispensaries or illegally through dealers and depending on your dealer you can get the same stuff on the street….People think theres this huge difference but its only a huge difference if your use to smoking crap weed. The biggest difference in my opinion between smoking weed from the street and getting it in a dispensary is the amount of choice, in a dispensary you can say “I want a heavy body high with a little heady kind of high too” then your care giver hooks you up with an awesome hybrid of sorts and your on your way. On the street you buy whatever you get or whatever your guy has at the moment. Dispensaries only carry good high potent stuff, where on the street its both crap and dank….A prescription for marijuana is not like regular medicine. Once you get a doctor who is willing to prescribe you, you get your card and then deal with dispensaries where your care giver gives you the info on what strains are good for what. THC can be consumed by many different means, from eating baked goods to smoking a joint, taking THC tablets, and even in candy like suckers.

  6. endless_cash on

    There is no botanical or chemical distinction between medicinal and recreational marijuana. The only difference is this: For medical marijuana you get a card so you can buy legally from a dispensary. For non-medical marijuana you don’t get a card and you must buy it illegally from a street dealer. That is the ONLY distinction.

    Secondly, there are many active ingredients beyond THC in marijuana. THC pills do not supply the other active ingredients. Additionally, THC pills require that you don’t vomit them up. Not much help to cancer patients with severe nausea, who can’t keep down water let alone a pill.

    Finally: The FDA is not ever likely to get jurisdiction over marijuana purity, etc. Just like the FDA is not involved in home brewing of beer. The plant is too free and easy to grow, easier to produce than home brew, and it can grow just about anywhere. Heck, it already grows wild in many parts of the world, including some parts of the USA. They will not be able to control it any more than they are controlling it now, which is NOT AT ALL.

  7. Kris K on

    People who smoke cannabis as medicine are not smoking to get high. The cannabis that they smoke depends on what conditions that they have. There are generally two general different strains of cannabis: indica and sativa. Indica could be classified as more of a body stone and sativa is more uplifting. Now that the AMA (American Medical Association) wants to move cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 2 drug, clinical testing will start and then in a few years most people won’t even remember that it was ever illegal.

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