what are first step if I want to start a Medicinal Marijuana dispensary?

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September 20, 2010
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Medicinal Marijuana
Will asked:

I want to start a legal Business or legal Medicinal Marijuana but the thing is that 1 I live in Massachusetts, I am actually thinking of moving to california to start my Business but the thing is that I am a college freshmen.. do I go and study at a college in Oakland or idk im serious about this but don’t know were to start..


  1. =] says:

    I’m pretty sure you need a permit for that.

  2. Rusty says:

    You need to live in a place where they’re legal. You’re also certainly going to need a lawyer, as the legality of the whole thing is still uncertain, so you can ask him or her about the specific of setting it up. There must be a ton of red tape involved.

  3. cherry_ice_77 says:

    Don’t doctors run the dispensary things? Since they “prescribe” marijuana in the first place……I actually have no idea about this, so I’m probably of zero help to you, sorry. I would just do some extensive research on the subject first.

  4. Kayrea says:

    well their is a lot to take into consideration…
    do you have enough money for all of the lamps,
    and all the other equipment.
    Those things can add up to lots of money
    also do you have enough money to buy
    the property where you want to strat this business.
    do you have enough time to grow the plants
    or have you ever grown before and do you know
    how to take care of each plant.
    do you have the time to attend college and focus on
    your studies and do this?

    if you are prepared for everything
    and you have the money
    then you need to contact the city
    and make plans for your future business.

    good luck =D

  5. Doctor Deth says:

    1-that type of business is only legal in California
    2-a college degree isn’t required for that, but I seriously doubt anyone under 21 would be allowed to run such a business and you would probably have to put up a huge amount of money as a bond or something – probably $100,000+, plus an equal amount of money just to get started

    and how exactly would you survive on your own in California with only a high school diploma and no job skills?

  6. Exec Pot Head says:

    Study up!
    Find financing and read up on Marijuana news / industry. Self study, networking, finding favorite web sites and newsletters while pursuing that college degree. Study up on bank loans, heck even a bank account can be difficult, get involved locally with a pro Group and maybe in 3 years you can open business in MA. Don’t limit yourself, be entrepreneurial and watch out for chasing rainbows for a pot of gold.