Weed vs Alcohol

A Controversial Plant Gaining Popularity in South Carolina
March 2, 2015
Esclerose múltipla, maconha medicinal e eu
March 2, 2015

The deadliest drug in America (alcohol) is legal in all 50 states, and it’s significantly more dangerous than a range of illegal substances (marijuana) much more heavily regulated and policed….


  1. 83Chrisaaron says:

    I enjoyed your videos, Dave!
    Kim that was an epic “Woah!” lol

  2. natemorey says:

    Wait… who is surprised that weed is safer than meth? like wut? lmao.

    Really gonna miss
    and the Rubin report. Hope for the best for you! 

  3. Tom TheNorsman says:

    Glad to see that you’re not going to end the show, just moving it to a
    different network. I will still be able to get my Ruben Report fix! =) Good
    Hopefully cannabis becoming legal will help bring down that alcohol
    statistic. More people moving over to cannabis from alcohol might help
    bring down some of that alcohol induced violence and mayhem. 

  4. giantgrowth says:

    It could be that policy has influenced the data statistics since tobacco is
    legal and weed is not. The pathology of how smoking cigarettes kills you
    (through cancer) is the same as smoking weed. So if you are a chronic weed
    smoker, it’s the exact same as smoking a cigarette. However the article is
    correct that etoh is much more dangerous because of its acute symptoms.

  5. Paulius Litvaitis says:

    Yeah, legalize all drugs. Pretty sure the hard drugs will be eliminated
    from our society. Do what Portugal is doing. 10 day supply you get a
    lawyer, a doctor and a social worker. Also, education, so simple. D.A.R.E.
    Worked for a lot of hard drugs for me. More marijuana ads that are positive
    like Leafy did a good one on a strain. It is a natural medicine, people
    should be aware of it.

  6. Xanstrom says:

    people smoke weed and go to work.

  7. Arcane9HD says:

    Really sad to hear that you are leaving Dave =( but again it is all about
    you feeling like you’re in the right place where you can do the thing you
    feel you are best at doing =)

    wish you the best of luck indeed u posses great potential ^_^ 

  8. chrismay1a says:

    i am going to miss you dave

  9. Zeldagigafan says:

    I wonder how many of these people studied drink or use marijuana to excess.
    Of course, alcohols also come in a variety of proofs. Some are 5% alcohol
    by volume, others can be as high as 95%. And regarding the drug-related
    deaths. How of these are because of the drug alone, and not because of a
    car crash.

    And to those who say “You can’t get addicted to the Mary Jane”, EVERYONE is
    different. Drugs affect them differently, some might be allergic to the
    stuff, others might be more sensitive. While the LD-50 (which is the dose
    necessary to kill 50% of any given population) is in mass of drug/kilogram
    body weight, and for weed, it’s actually very high, given the fact that no
    deaths due to only the marijuana has been recorded. Besides, the fact that
    alcohol is responsible for less deaths than tobacco products shows that
    many people know the dangers of drinking too much. In fact, some
    restaurants limit the number of drinks they serve you to 2 per visit, which
    also shows that restaurants know the dangers of excessive drinking. By the
    way, this isn’t just the wine/tequila/beer/rum/gin/vodka themselves, but
    cocktails as well.

    I enjoy the occasional drink, as I’m sure many do. Some do so more often
    than others, some only on special occasions (birthdays, historic stuff,
    weddings, anniversaries, etc.), but some do drink way too much, and it’s
    those people I am legitimately concerned about. Some people stock their
    fridges up with beer (so much, there’s little room for anything else), and
    by the end of the week, there’s only a couple of bottles a week. Others
    drink 3 pints of the stuff a day. I will never allow me to get to that
    point. I got started on cocktails, and if I drink the unmixed stuff, it
    will be in shot glasses.

  10. Natalie Gray says:

    Scandinavia needs to legalise Marijuana already. For fuck’s sake, we’re
    supposed to be the progressive ones!

  11. chrismay1a says:

    lol that has to be my all time favorite chart

  12. Michael Ramsey says:

    Were is the outrage over tobacco?

    Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in
    the United States, including an estimated 41,000 deaths resulting from
    secondhand smoke exposure

  13. 216trixie says:

    Ana and more pot stereotypes: I smoke pot daily, have for years. I own two
    businesses and play in three bands. Wake up happy every day……….No
    munchies. Never sit on a couch and watch TV, and them’s the facts!

  14. Obsidian- Radio says:

    So would Kim ever SMOKE weed?
    Great video!

  15. Gary Steelman says:

    If the laws on drugs were meant to protect the lives of citizens, then yes,
    we must change the laws. But if the laws on drugs are meant to protect the
    productivity of the workforce, then they are correct. Marijuana and opiates
    reduce workers drive to produce, punish them harshly. Cocaine and
    amphetamines stimulate drive to produce but inhibit the quality of
    production, punish harshly the non-productive worker and help the
    productive worker. Sedatives and alcohol don’t significantly affect the
    productivity of most users, modestly punish the non-productive workers. But
    tobacco is wonderful, it is a modest stimulant during the worker’s peak
    productive years and it kills the retired worker and reduces pension costs.
    The employer paid health insurance/retiree health insurance ends at age 65
    with medicare. Most smoking deaths began about age 50 but the numbers start
    to jump after 65.

  16. Wingaling Dingling says:

    Is this even a serious comparison? 

  17. Eric Cartman says:

    Sad you’re going but if you’re happy then im happy 🙂 Good luck Dave.

  18. Red Lion says:

    Edibles are the worst to start with if you are a non user

  19. Bernie Leiva says:

    Good luck out there Dave.

  20. Sydni Smedley says:

    OK folks, as a former Drug and DUI prosecutor I never ever saw any violence
    from a person doing weed. I saw every damn day murders, abuse, wrecks, and
    other mayhem from people who were drunk or on crank, meth or crack… I
    don’t smoke but I don’t think that I have ever seen any harm from smoking
    it that was not minimal compared with the everyday crap caused by alcohol.
    Just my opinion though.

  21. codingkriggs says:

    So long Dave. You have been my favorite personality on the TYT network. You
    keep a close direct relationship with your audience better than most
    youtube personalities, which is admirable, so keep up the good work. I’ll
    be keeping an eye out for your future endeavors.

  22. gundamzerostrike says:

    This weed vs alcohol is BS. Alcohol is bad? Yep. Dos it mean weed is good?
    Nope. But that’s what TYT what’s you to think. Don’t drink, drinking but,
    but weed? Oh yeah, it’s awesome, got for it, smoke and drive, you’ll love
    it. You won’t get cancer, your brain cells won’t die because of it… Weed
    is good for you, Rubin and Cenk approve.

  23. Smax Lab says:

    I’m going to miss you Dave! Good luck at your new job! Who is going to be
    the new host?

  24. Razorlust says:

    Legalize everything.
    Provide education and help if people want to alter their behaviour, but
    it’s someone’s body and their choice what they want to put in it.
    The drop in crime and additional tax revenue would pay for the minimal
    regulation and all the treatment and the world becomes a better place.

  25. ClydeNut says:

    If someone that smokes weed is a lazy loser, that’s not the weed’s fault.
    On its own marijuana is 100% harmless to the average person, it’s how you
    choose to handle yourself once you gather a taste for it that determines
    the kind of smoker you’ll be and what you’ll use marijuana for. There are
    far more productive weed smokers than most people seem to recognize.


    You can grow weed in your backyard or in your home, so it’s gonna be harder
    to regulate. You can’t put people, namely minorities back on the
    plantation/prison system if you make weed legal. It’s useful tool in
    maintaining economic stratification. A drug arrest is used as a way to
    civilly kill young minorities, especially Black men, locking them into part
    time employment.

  27. Yusuke Urameshi says:

    Marijuana prohibition will fall!

  28. Dramatic beast43 says:

    Bye dave
    I subscribed to you a week ago