Weed Country Critique by Nay! Come Dab LIVE!

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April 6, 2013
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April 6, 2013

Weed Country Critique by Nay! Come Dab LIVE!


  1. MerkOnYourFace says:

    Hes a good dude for sure

  2. Ray William says:

    I know what you mean Nay they imply the suspense that they’re building is for one thing or setting then it turns out to be not even be close and actualy for a complete different setting

  3. butterfinger444 says:

    fuckin love that du-rag you wearin

  4. Travis Blasco says:


  5. techhydro says:


  6. ThaPRAdigy says:

    Is it like Jersey Shore for me? humiliating to admit to ppl im from the same state at those tools…

  7. billy brutus says:

    hey nay…

  8. techhydro says:

    roberts nay

  9. tim xxhawk says:

    cool video Nay. catch ya when i get home from vacation……..peace bro

  10. MerkOnYourFace says:

    who ever really agrees with Kepper though? Haha

  11. Nay Trendy says:

    dudes a fucking idiot driving 85 with weed what a joke

  12. Nay Trendy says:

    i’m sayin man

  13. Nay Trendy says:

    then i will keep posting!  🙂

  14. WideAwake euphoria says:

    your so down to earth mate! 🙂 love your videos! 

  15. 420vizions says:

    trendy foooo lifeeee

  16. Zrt2223 says:

    peace and trendiness!

  17. jcul2vader420 says:

    Nay you a gangsta on the pooolice lol

  18. crazydylan123 says:

    bro wave when u read this

  19. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    fucking delusional police
    fuck weed country for giving regular people this diluted idea of marijuana.

  20. Nay Trendy says:

    2 scenes does not make a plot line dude. they do not follow that kid and his mom at all.

  21. Nay Trendy says:

    thank you broseph!

  22. jcul2vader420 says:

    They dismissed the kids case

  23. bababludrawz says:

    Right on ..

  24. MerkOnYourFace says:


  25. ThaPRAdigy says:

    if people from south america (which I am) can smuggle drugs into the U.S. and all over the world.. then HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO GET IT ACROSS A STATE???? holy hell people need to learn how to smuggle and not be a smart ass about it.

  26. Buldog Straat says:

    They do have a medical patient “plot line”. A little boy with Epilepsiy. A guy is looking to create a strain with the highest CBD content.

  27. KevinInBeantown says:

    good to hear about kepper,my ex wife use to be retarded,now she’s a pilot 😉

  28. techhydro says:


  29. Trev be dabbin says:

    shows fuckin weak i would have to agree

  30. 5U7UR3DASHAMAN says:

    dude im so watching it just now.. gonna kick back and hear u totally tell how fucked up producers made this show..

  31. Nay Trendy says:

    morning noon and night roughly

  32. TokinBand says:

    I think the part when the plants were pulled out from the neibor,it was just harvest time and the reality bullshit part of the story makes you feel like that

  33. David Campione says:

    I would grow a whole medical grow ALONE before I partnered with some RANDOM ASS FRIEND!!!! I prob have 1-2 people I’d do it with….no one else. trust them with your life

  34. hank586 says:

    everyone should have the right to live happy. And that kid in that show is an asshole prick that gives weed a bad name. I support my house,wife and my three sons on my grow. If I mess up I m fucked. but I love the life

  35. GreenMountainGrow says:

    Lmfao .. Spot on nay!

  36. WideAwake euphoria says:

    kind of like fear mongering shit aez?? 🙂 lol i hate reality tv shows! staged to the max!! 😀
    some people are so gullible,its such a shame!

  37. jcul2vader420 says:

    Nay your making alot sinse now.

  38. David Campione says:

    haha yea, these are the people you hear about busted driving around with pounds! get them out and keep the smart stoners lol

  39. techhydro says:


  40. DjayLivv says:

    nay do you have specific times you go live or just random?

  41. David Campione says:

    hey man let me get a 500 bow! L O L!!!! bring 5,000 and you can get whatever kind you want lol

  42. 234cheech says:

    yup no human will ever eradicate weed NEVER

  43. Zrt2223 says:

    Thank you!

  44. techhydro says:


  45. stuntnx7 says:

    hey nay try intermitent fastin

  46. t1testor says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments on weed country i had to download all 6 episodes and watch it all if anybody wants to do the same thing as i did you can get them all using torrentz dot com and use utorrent downloader and just use the torrent links

  47. RickyYZ125 says:

    I could listen to you talk 24/7 nay lol

  48. Travis Blasco says:


  49. MerkOnYourFace says:

    iv seen him in a thong… lol