Way Too High

Eugene Cannabis TV #481 — ectv.481.2013-03-27
March 28, 2013
Mixing og kush with jack herer
March 28, 2013

Way Too HighThe title says it all. Thanks for chiefin’ witta niggaaaa! If you enjoy watching my shit, please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this shit, like lesbians…


  1. DJANTTV says:

    turnup @djant863 in here

  2. Pfromthe0 says:

    Nigha I saw a fish swimmin behind you

  3. ViewWhore4Hire says:

    Still not as high as evan bourne

  4. jenn22socal says:

    not sure what but I know I had to show you love. @ a dope ass kick back and checked ur vid and had to watch give the thumbs up and give a shout out. WHOOP WHOOP!! K really I shouldn’t be typing this hey who cares always mad love xoxo SOCAL chick hey but we can still be cool u nor me so right?

  5. gamemaster27 says:

    I WEAR RED WHERE I WANT TOO, SONNNNN! jk jk lololol xD

  6. D4NGERousKiLLeR says:

    I’d never shit on an iPhone! Haha portu-whop

  7. Pfromthe0 says:

    Oh damn ..im first…to hit this mufuckin vape pen yeeeeeee

  8. Viry Sandoval says:

    I like your vids. eres a toda madre Guero!

  9. TheNoneHere says:

    norteno ass guero lol cool vid bro

  10. Miguel Gomez says:

    ha tf is wrong with this nigga lol

  11. danny H says:

    everybody quiet!! he gonna get medicated

  12. V1TT0O says:

    I have 2 last names since my mom and dad did get married

  13. jenn22socal says:

    1st off hi 2nd you can’t be too high 3rd I think

  14. danny H says:

    im a fan cuss i actually saw the video they said was “gang related” but honestly i always wanna be the first person to view a vid of yours..no homo but yeah those story times are the best 😀 keep it up bro

  15. UnknownAssassin310 says:

    Dope Bro

  16. RZST101 says:

    Dope shit brother

  17. V1TT0O says:

    I’m Mexican and Italian . My last name is a chocalte milk in Europe

  18. Bklynfresh21 says:

    The random fishes On the tv tho

  19. V1TT0O says:

    Nice singing