tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehouse

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tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehousea tour of two rooms in a warehouse that has been dedicated to growing medicinal grade marijuana for the patients of colorado. a very big thank you to the owners/operators of the warehouse for letting us get a peak at what they are currently running. the only reason i had to cut the video off at this length was because a large part of the warehouse was under construction, they were having the floors cut for drainage in a large room and i was told that they will be knocking out a couple walls and

50 comments on “tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehouse

  1. Sherio88 on

    @BombsOnTrees that’s how they grow. you dont have to physically do anything to get the bud shape.

  2. Israeli3030 on

    @medical420farms “hating” is going out of your way to give non-constructive criticism.

  3. bideomanlol on

    @zemerkenator5000 ya man he claims he forgot which is bull cz we talked about it the day before it was lame

  4. tnaglassworks on

    im looking at my dream come true, thank you paul, thank you….CHECK OUT MY GROW comments welcome

  5. Brew1dCity on

    im takin a 420 vaction 2 the denver,aroura,coloradosprings area-ish, any suggestions on dispenseries, headshops etc. 2 visit. smoke 2 u choke.

  6. wolvemaster11 on

    Does anyone know if someone could pass a drug test for marajuana in a week? If so how do you do so

  7. plunkplunkTX512 on

    Recently a dude(close bud)was talkin shit to me about growing plants from bagseed.He doesn’t grow btw,anyway there not alot of exotic,your quality,of herb going around here lately.But,in the past,I’ve grown from bagseed and given the proper care,bagseed buds can be alot more potent than the bag that they were from.And like an old hippie grower from back in the day told me once”Ordinary basic mexican bud wasn’t grown to standard,just grown,quick dried,no curing but the same genes can make ——>

  8. dboithepotsmoker on

    who in there right mind would dislike this video, theres no reason for that, thanks for giving us a tour paul, your vids kick ass, keep em comin, if you got the time check out my channel, gotta get goin,

    stay medicated

  9. juiceonroids on

    @omgitsharvey1 yea that be called stealing you wouldn’t be a friend if you did that.

  10. youalllovezakk on

    so i paused the video right in the beginning, when you’re saying “Hello world!” and it’s a close up on you, and where i paused it is fucking horrifying, haha

  11. BombsOnTrees on

    do buds grow on the plant r like do you crush weed together to get like a bud(nug) …….

  12. stoner3778 on

    NOW THATS A AMAZING ROOM BRO. both of em but the water cooled room. SHIT YEAH. made it to my favouraites list. thanks paul for a awesome vid. P.S I’ll take the chunky over the hairy anyday. you?

  13. plunkplunkTX512 on

    much,much better herb if everything is observed and fucking watched closely.My plants are looking great,as green as can be,I’m growing outdoor,using field soil dug up and compost.Theres a huge rabbit pop. around and I found lbs. of rabbit shit that I mixed up with the soil I’m using.I figure that I’ve got a pretty high N in the soil so I’m just fert. with liquid seaweed,molasses(to feed soil),and a little tiny bit of peroxide.But hey Paul,I wish I was growing what you can get in a med. state.L8r

  14. zemerkenator5000 on

    @bideomanlol totally fucked if it was planned out like you say…i fucking hate people like that…its understandable it some shit pops up but if you just get bored and blow your cash and fuck over other people…not cool…

  15. tnaglassworks on

    got blazed n dazed watching this episode n burnt the FUCK out my pizza. and yes i still ate it!

  16. ApacheWarrior1977 on

    Damn it would be worth the punishment to be able 2 take as much of this bud as i could and smoke it and take my time smoking it!! than i’d let the cops take me haha

  17. bombganja420 on

    ive really got to say that is one of the better more organized grow rooms ive seen…
    really good production

  18. medical420farms on

    @ianman20011 Im just saying, it looks like they have more lights than they have pounds…

    Canopy could be so much fuller.

  19. sk8kid667 on

    Hay Paul!!! Just wanna say its been a great year of your videos, and because of you im a much more informed cannabis user! Tomorrows my birthday, take a Rip for me!!!
    Keep it stoney

  20. bideomanlol on

    hey guys tell me how fucked up this is my friend was hooking me and my other buddy up planned it for a week and today my friend just said oh i spent the money i not gonna chill either. totally boning my other friend who already bought the bag thinking we would help pay it off totally fuckin him over thats fucked up right?

  21. 666mrawesome on

    @666mrawesome Are you kidding me? Theres only enough room to walk in there not to mention that the plants are over his head. Wernt you paying attention? “quality isnt the factor here”…please, the weed in this video is probably the best weed you will never smoke.

  22. medical420farms on

    @666mrawesome no shit…but quality isnt the factor here…its that 4 buds are under a light, when it should be like 20….

  23. ianman20011 on

    @medical420farms there’s probably some sort of regulation around how many plants can be grown in a certain amount of space or an overall limit

  24. Israeli3030 on

    @medical420farms ignore him, he just doesn’t know anything about growing bud. if they would have topped/trained each one of those they would have had at least 5 times this yield. But that’s also a lot more water/nutes/work.

  25. purefigha101 on

    @bideomanlol dont be a bitch i doubt its over an 8th anyway. fuck your other “friend” and go really hard and blaze fat standard.

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