Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug Prohibition


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Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug ProhibitionMY OPINIONS ON MARIJUANA AND DRUG PROHIBITION This video gives my basic reasoning on why I support the full legilization of marijuana for recreational use as…

17 comments on “Thoughts on Marijuana & Drug Prohibition

  1. NEWFY14ROCKS on

    Agreed and then people can learn about what they really do I feel as people are taught “drugs are bad” we’ll what drug? How much? What situation? What’s bad? Ect

  2. David Robbo on

    You’re right nobody has ever overdosed on cannabis the only way for them to die is if they drive a vehicle or operate machinery of some sort

  3. refdabeast on

    There is a difference in being physically addicted to something rather than being psychologically addicted, which is to what you are referring to.

  4. Neutuality on

    You have to specify the type of addiction though. Marijuana is not physically addictive, but it can be mentally addictive (as can video games and food).

  5. RandyMarsh8 on

    you cant say any drug isnt addictive at all, everything can be addictive from cannabis to video games to methamphetamine

  6. attilathehun420 on

    yes i completely agree that marijuana should be legal everywhere…its only a harmless plant.. but i guess were all slaves to the system and don’t have true freedom after all. at least some states like california (where i’m from) are becoming more accepting with the medical cards that allow you to have and grow weed legally under state law at age 18…most people here don’t really have a valid medical reason (cancer), cards are handed out like candy.. what are the laws like in your state??

  7. RandyMarsh8 on

    some drugs can cause physical addiction like opiates, benzos and alcohol but most of them are just mentally addictive which can be just as tough to beat

  8. RaPiiDHUNT3R1 on

    Completely agree you own your body, the law should stop where your human rights begin.

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