TREAT THE PARENTS – English – Created by Fahim Akthar Ullal
April 2, 2013
2,000 Pounds of Marijuana, Spring and March Madness- Craig’s Monologue 3/20/2013
April 3, 2013

The Safety Briefing - CANNABIS HELPS WOMAN WALK AGAIN!Was Doing Some Filming At Northwest Collective in Lacey when i Spotted A Familiar Face. i just went with it so the videos a little shakey but this face was o…


  1. SuperMediMan says:

    fuck yea

  2. iamsafetdriver says:

    ty. there will be more.

  3. iamsafetdriver says:

    thank you! just about five minutes later while filming another video about the collective i found another patient that was willing to do an interview. there will have to be some editing though but there are so many more stories coming!

  4. iamsafetdriver says:

    dude the safety meeting is about smoking with the world. i myself am not very political no but i do welcome yours and all comments! I almost named this video proof cannabis heals!

  5. Angie LupusLife says:

    Loved this video!!! Super happy to share it on fb, twitter and google+
    The more people realize the power of the plant the better off they’ll be.

  6. belloelshares says:

    awesome man, u r a very good interviewer, cheers from vienna

  7. SuperMediMan says:

    hell yes

  8. Max Powers says:

    Proof that what we perceive as bad in the world is not always so. If a politician said to you “here is Cathy. her doctor denied her pain medication”. That politician has a good chance of convincing the public that it was a bad thing. But leaving out that it made her find a better way to medicate. Which is good!!! Not getting political though. I know it’s a SafeT meeting no no.

  9. ParadoxAssassin says:

    Well done, sir.

  10. Doodle Grow says:

    stay medicated Cathy

  11. iamsafetdriver says:

    Cheers! Thanks I like the ones that just flow natural ya know! thanks for the kind words!