The Medical Marijuana Guide by Chef Derek Butt

La Marihuana es Legal
March 20, 2014
McGruff the Crime Dog actor sentenced to 16 years for growing pot
March 20, 2014

The Medical Marijuana Guide by Chef Derek ButtGet more bang for your buck. Read The Medical Marijuana Guide and learn how to increase the effectiveness of your medication by 80%. That’s right 80%. Imagin…


  1. William Warren says:

    There are many products in your kitchen that are made of materials that are
    not sustainable. So don’t blow smoke, tell the truth. I certainly would
    buy a hard copy. Now if you printed one, i’ll have to think about it
    because you weren’t straight from the start. Good Luck.

  2. Rage King says:

    Have any garden videos? 

  3. jsphjohnson says:

    Blessings Chef!

  4. Charlie Kennedy says:

    I would buy a hard copy

  5. russky salamander says:

    another great video. thanks