The Marijuana Conspiracy

Legal Guide to 4/20 Celebration in Colorado
April 15, 2014
Florida Outdoor Cannabis Preperation | April 14th 2014
April 15, 2014

The Marijuana ConspiracyWas cannabis illegalized through a conspiracy by industrialists and the U.S. Treasury? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! –


  1. WackyWorldOfWonders says:

    Perfect music in my opinion

  2. WackyWorldOfWonders says:

    Wow, that last sentence was shocking!

  3. calmac1989 says:

    Free the weed

  4. Joseph Nguyen says:

    The eye on your channel looks like a rinnegan

  5. Ken C says:

    A lot of people aren’t aware that Henry Ford designed a car to run off of
    Hemp gasoline. The prototype car has plastic panels which consisted of
    hemp, wheat and sisal (henequin) fibers. The panels had an impact strength
    10 times that of steel, did not dent, and the car weighed 1000 lbs less
    than its steel counterpart. Now that’s a green car!

  6. gibysgb says:

    420 blAz3 iT faGgoT

  7. ironmaz1 says:

    420 247

  8. chaosdude1399 says:

    If bob marley used to take it then it has to be good :)

  9. shambashrine says:

    Nice work obama… 

  10. Delta Kyurem says:

    weed makes people Happy they should legalize it i bet every single pound in
    the usa would be bought in 12 houirs

  11. brian parham says:

    That song was real chill

  12. Eddy Coffey says:

    The only piece of shit is your mother

  13. shambashrine says:

    Nice work obama… 

  14. Fernando Duron says:

    Denver and washington legalized marijuana

  15. Mainstandard34 says:

    You guys should do a video about the 1963 CIA Coup in Iraq which would lead
    to Instability in Iraq and the Rise of Saddam Hussein. Strangely enough
    Qasim’s actions mirror what Saddam would try to do later.

  16. TiggahG says:

    I just want a bag of weed! xD

  17. ashley osborne says:

    fucking corrupt politicians. legalise all drugs, tax and monitor. why let
    us put our money in the hands of criminals?

  18. Oleg Vinokurov says:

    I’m so fucking high right now.

  19. Mr.Wavy24 says:

    Am I the only one that whenever I click on these conspiracy videos I think
    I’m gunna learn something interesting but then just find out it’s a 3 min
    video about shit I don’t care about or already knew? 

  20. Abdulla Al Ali says:

    What is the name of the software you are using to create your videos? 

  21. CivilAviation1 says:

    Why does it seem like most of your conspiracies are real, though they are
    just not proven to be?

  22. Link Rose says:

    Meh I don’t smoke weed I actually have a life.

  23. bwyaneezy says:

    Marijuana will be legal in all 50 states eventually. Fuck the corporate
    world, and let the planet be happy, literally.

  24. Drew Halpert says:

    Legalize weed!!1

  25. David Romero says:

    i have yet to meet a violent person under the influence of cannabis, on the
    other hand, drunks are almost always conflictive…..which is illigal?

  26. Mark Russel says:

    +Kerpele I don’t live in Colorado its also a state in America 

  27. Alltime Conspiracies says:

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  28. IntentChief says:

    Drugs are bad m’kay

  29. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    If you found this video interesting give it a like and share!
    Thanks as always conspiracy fans.


  30. Alltime Conspiracies says:

    Is this conspiracy ‘half-baked’? (See what we did there!)

  31. Eddy Coffey says:

    About to smoke a few joints

  32. DaZeD4eXeCuTi0N says:

    Wouldve been epic if you uploaded this on 4/20 lmao

  33. TheAbslim says:

    It’s suppressed cause it stirs up creativity & questioning, which the gov
    doesn’t want.

  34. ShantyIrishman says:

    Marijuana was made illegal as a compromise to make alcohol legal again. 

  35. deejoov says:

    Where is Rick Simpson in this video??

  36. DBS4Hire says:

    Or maybe the wealthiest families saw this occurring in the times since back
    then. To suppress it & capitalize on it when it became a demand. 

  37. SlyTy98 says:

    So ATC? Are you telling me to smoke weed ere day?

  38. Hamza Dar says:

    marijuana can be a good thing if it is used in moderation, apparently it
    has been proven that the substance can help with several diseases/illnesses
    and serve a purpose in areas of fuel, cleansing agents etc.

  39. Bram Vissers says:

    Could you make a video on the theory of Hitler having survived WW2 because
    he fled to Argentina? 

  40. A-stil_Tv says:

    keep’em coming

  41. Mark Russel says:

    They just installed marajuana vending machines in Colorado!!

  42. dedreviil | Road to 0 Subscribers! says:

    hahahahaha of course…these companies control the world…

  43. mouwersor says:

    Here in the Netherlands magic mushrooms were suddenly banned for no reason
    at all, while the health-researchers were strongly against it.

  44. habbofr3akshow says:

    you uploaded this 5 days early

  45. ramadorsince1983 says:

    All my smokers and dabbers light up at 4:20 and we will reach world peace
    in about 2 min. ~Vaya con dios~

  46. MadSativa says:

    you guys leave out so much its not good, recent experiments from Harvard
    medical have shown cannabis doesn’t kill brain cells but revives dormant
    brain cells, also in brain cancer patients where kemo can not work
    cannabis has shown to kill cancer cells, you left out so much a video could
    be made about all the stuff you leaft out, Rick Simpson and the 1,00s he
    has help and 100’s of Drs he has change the minds of, also strains of
    cannabis for children that minimize the getting high effect while keeping
    the curing effect, not to mention the children it is saving right now

  47. NaderR says:

    @alltimeconspiracies The real conspiracy isn’t about timber and paper, it
    has a relation with the pharmaceutical businesses that were in Great
    Depression to see their factory pain, anxiety, and other ADHD pills in
    peril with the free cultivation of marijuana…

  48. Sam Lim says:

    the music is soooo relaxing

  49. mmuu9966 says:

    About 100 years ago, they all thought smoking cigarettes had no negatives,
    only positives 🙂 to me, this cannabis conspiracy looks like history
    potentially repeating itself.. 

  50. LawlessNate says:

    Fuck 420 and pothead losers.