The Future of Medical Marijuana: Charlotte’s Web

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April 23, 2015
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April 23, 2015

RYOT News spent the day with the Stanley Brothers and Charlotte Figi, the namesake behind the medical marijuana strain Charlotte’s Web. Learn more about the people behind this strain and why…


  1. dreastyork says:

    Get better Charlotte Figi,I wish you a full recovery.

  2. BZ Evans says:

    On 4/20 this +RYOT short about “Charlotte’s Web” the anti-convulsive #CBD
    rich strain of #Cannabis is crucial watching! While the US Gov cashes in
    on big pharma, alcohol & tobacco… Homegrown herbs, the oldest & most
    reliable #Medicine remain “criminal” =^.^= Stop U$A “Reefer madness” +Cannabis
    Information Network 

  3. Jacki Goddard says:

    I hope everyone does what they can for the Realm of Caring. In the near
    future I hope more people are able to get the help the need.