The CannaTest, first ever streettest of cannabis.

Legal weed in North Korea
April 3, 2015
Mr Black’s Back!
April 3, 2015

Cannabis News Network presents The CannaTest. On the 9th of March 2015 we published the video ‘Street dealers show failure of Dutch drugs policy’. Today we release the first test of all…


  1. CannabisNI says:

    This is brilliant work guys. Thank you. Please come to Northern Ireland and
    test the junk being sold here. The Police here don’t test

  2. MRLAB420 says:

    Thank you. Agree with +CannabisNI great work. Needed across the world

  3. twistingchico says:

    At min 3:32 i don´t think that this are eggs ! I think its a Resine Head
    that started to turne abmer = THC is starting to convert…

  4. RafaSKANK says:

    muito bom, bem explicado !

  5. Peter Lunk says:

    Here in the Netherlands most coffeeshops try to investigate the weed they
    buy in exactly the same manner, with a microscope.
    And if it is contaminated they refuse it…
    NOW GUESS where the contaminated crap ends up…
    YUP in the streets, where even a kid can score some herb,
    because the ‘legal age’ to buy in coffeeshops is 18+ but on the street i is
    10 Euro.

  6. Cannabis News Network says: