The $150,000 Gauntlet


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The $150,000 GauntletMan does it feel weird posting to YouTube…’s been a bit my friends!!!! Sorry for my lack of activity on here, I have been mostly on Instagram these days and my work schedule is a lot…

31 comments on “The $150,000 Gauntlet

  1. Darian Russo on

    All my niggas haha knotty and dude from ig thanks for getting
    ivingvcommunity all thebhelp and eveything else guys from @florida_hippy

  2. ReLeaf Man on

    First off that’s EPIC! Second, am I tripping or did you just upload a new
    video knotty? Lol

  3. Gold Thumb on

    I count approximately 10 rigs there give or take. $150,000 divided by 10 is
    $15,000 per piece. I cant see any one of those pieces on that table
    including the nail’s costing $15,000.

    I think Paul Token from Token Daily has a better glass collection then all
    of those put together.

  4. dabsNblunts on

    You’re back!! And with an epic video! Great to see you again bro!! Keep ’em

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