Smoking Marijuana Wax (VIDEO)

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Smoking Marijuana Wax (VIDEO)A fairly new form of weed, known as Wax, Butter or Honey, can can allegedly pack a kick equal to 15 to 20 joints of marijuana. Watch the video to learn all about marijuana wax, and to see…


  1. Bud Crafter says:

    That’s what happens when a lightweight takes a massive dab.

  2. Red Lion says:

    The amount of ignorance is staggering

  3. Morgan Freeman says:

    Can yall please get a stoners perspective when yall do stories?

  4. BUD7H357UD says:

    I am glad you pointed out how newscasters talk. I fuckin hate the way they

  5. KingCobraJFS says:

    this is just one person someone may not fall over after hitting the wax
    case and point check out customgrow420s channel on youtube 

  6. Zaya2499 says:

    Rosco is a puss

  7. Aaron Flowers says:

    Not new, not new at all. 

  8. dakito fey says:

    i hate that white bitch.

  9. Adam Scott says:

    All you need to do is put some on a needle, then get a hot knife and touch
    it to the needle and suck it up through a tube.

  10. Liblicious says:

    Wow, cannabis concentrates are nothing new. You guys live in California,
    how can you be so ignorant about this? I usually do a few dabs in one
    sitting and I’m fine. I wouldn’t give a fat glob to someone who isn’t a
    seasoned toker. 

  11. Innov1994 says:

    The host has to be gayer than what he is if he doesn’t bang these two

  12. Paulius Litvaitis says:

    Okay first of no 20 joints in one dab, unless its a half ounce worth of
    dab…and that guy is wasting it…you just take a nap when you take such a
    huge hit. Take half of that and enjoy yourself an episode of GOT with your
    honey. Use e-nails or ceramic nails, plus the butane gets burnt off pretty
    efficiently depending on how pure it is.

  13. Distrepolo says:

    oh my god. love you guys, but obviously you don’t know about BHO. shit
    isn’t new at all.
    and i think that video is quite misleading. that way of doing it is pretty
    sketchy and looks scary looking(outside of the fact that that was a rather
    large dab of some probably really good weed). you can easily get a bowl
    piece that holds a health stone and smoke it just like would on a normal
    it’s sound intense when you say 80% thc when in reality you don’t smoke
    much wax at a time. obviously you can, which is why dumb people take big
    ass dabs and become true potatoes. it is efficient, not because you are
    trying to get 15 joints worth at a time, it is because you can take a tiny
    dab worth a joint or so and not waste any time or thc with the innefficient
    smoking technique.

  14. Beastkingzetta says:


  15. SEPT LUXURE says:

    The rapper that was featured in this video was challenged to smoke a whole
    gram of wax so that he could get a large amount of cannabis flower for free
    should he have taken this YES and here’s why the only thing that happend to
    him was that he fell to the floor because of a massive head rush came to
    seconds later and was really high for several hours after that oh and he
    got A whole bunch of free weed he didn’t die or went crazy and start
    harming others.Also the process of making BHO can be dangerous if one is
    not educated on the correct procedures to make BHO it’s science bitches and
    if you don’t have a complete understanding in the process of making BHO
    don’t do it flammable fumes can blow your house up if exposed to an open
    flame DUH so leave it to the people with an understanding of how science
    works and enjoy 710 thank you

  16. musixmadness says:

    I heard hash, kief, oil is pretty strong. Imagine variations of legal
    heroin, meth, etc. Whoa.

  17. Jex134 says:

    “marijuana wax” (weed oil) has been around since ancient times; it’s been
    widely popular since the 60s. Both my parents tell stories of doing it in
    the 70s. This is nothing new – it’s just another example of the media being
    completely ignorant of cannabis in general.

  18. sween1337 says:

    i love dabbin

  19. MSG685 says:

    I just spent 4 days walking around Universal Studios hitting a wax pen. It
    is awesome I was watching people hiding in corners smoking cigarettes while
    I was walking around just hitting it. So nice.

  20. Nick Wilks says:

    People. This is the equivalent of hard alcohol. Dumb people will be dumb.
    Please educate yourself on BHO. Its for people with very high tolerances.

  21. Jeremy Craney says:

    That rapper is NOT Roscoe Dash. The rapper in that video is another guy
    named Roscoe, who is the younger cousin of Kurupt from DPG ( a group
    affiliated with Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion)

  22. CasterCore says:

    You should have included Jimmy Dore as a guest in this segment.
    You really needed someone in this conversation that had more experience
    with cannabis and who might have a better chance of explaining wax.
    This unfortunately did come off as more scare piece than educational
    (toward those inexperienced with cannabis), even though I know that wasn’t
    the intent.

  23. Alex Sitaras says:

    inhaling butane? natural selection at work? 

  24. PhillipHunsberger says:

    I’ve done some dabs before. Never ever reacted like that dude did though. I
    guess I have more of a tolerance. But I have to say, I like it a lot! But
    for me it has nothing to do with being “macho” or anything like that. It’s
    just about doing some dabs with some friends and having a good time.

  25. Brandon Powell says:

    I could care less if they banned or legalized all the drugs in the world 

  26. Dan W says:

    btw whats with this fear mongering? i thought tyt was above that. this wax
    thing has been going on forever…. and it isnt dangerous AT ALL

  27. Connor K says:

    You are supposed to just put a small amount on the tip of the poker, but
    that chick threw the whole gob on there then mixed it around!

    If he took the hit he was supposed to win a pound of weed. I’m guessing
    they really didn’t want him to win. . . 

  28. MTheory77 says:

    Roscoe was hamming it up.

  29. flimp drangort says:

    rosco is a fucking poser, and a lot of assumptions by your panel

  30. chrismay1a says:

    lol all these idiots saying they are stunned by this and what not.. its
    like goign on the news and talking about whiskey sayign wow i have never
    heard of this.. yeah well most peopel who actually drink have heard of it..
    same thign goes with this.. i bet most weed smokers have already smoked wax
    and or budder 

  31. shandrill13 says:

    Pa-lease. Firstly that’s not new, and secondly smoking it? Dumb asses.
    Gonna sound like an old person, but back in my day we would use the same
    method but it was more like a resin and we would then put it in cooking.
    Like cheesecakes etc. Few slices and you’re good to go. Don’t smoke the

  32. Carobmoth says:

    That hilarious Fox news report reminds me of how hash was talked about when
    I was a kid in the seventies. Of course the chemicals needed
    for production are flammable. THC can’t be extracted by water, so one
    generally needs some sort of alcohol based product. The process is
    generally about as dangerous as cleaning one’s oven. As to ingestion, one
    has the option of smoking smaller amounts of a stronger product, with a
    non-butane based heat source. Just because you have more than one beer in
    the fridge, you are neither required to drink them all at once, nor
    ‘shot-gun’ them. The whole subject is just so settled. There is nothing new
    under the sun. Little boys playing with butane torches do not represent all
    marijuana users and legalization advocates.

  33. Steve Ince says:

    Rosco is a bitch.

  34. getdowndou says:

    When you make it, the butane is removed during the process of making the
    wax. And he didn’t pass out from the THC directly, it looks like he ran out
    of breath taking such a long hit & couldn’t catch his breath when he
    started coughing. Also most people make it outdoors specifically because
    the butane is flammable. 

  35. Micky Keenan says:

    I dont smoke wax to be “macho” i smoke it because regular weed doesnt get
    me as high. not everything men do is a pissing contest you twat. and its
    actually safer because its vapor your smoking and not smoke but what the
    fuck do these retards know 

  36. dat787boi says:

    wtf he passed out so the same can be said about alcohol if he drank too
    much its just 80 proof weed think about it like that because saying alcohol
    has no hallucinogenic properties is a lie 

  37. chris says:

    lol public media.

  38. JensBond93 says:

    NOTHING NEW! My dad did this back in the 70s.

    And that rapper just took wayy too big of a hit and lack of oxygen, has
    nothing to do with wax that he fell on the ground coughing.

    Weed = Beer
    BHO = Vodka

  39. Thomas Ziemann says:

    Wax is only as hallucinogenic as weed lol.

  40. only half bad 333 says:

    “it goes by the name Wax, Butter and Honeycomb on the streets”
    LMFAO. What is this?? 1930’s??? Lol. Watch out for that butter, it’ll
    getcha. Lol

  41. oneworld24 says:

    I thought it was a lip balm too 

  42. Paul Smenis says:

    That black woman looks like a female version of Chris Jones

  43. Christian Ramirez says:

    This is nothing new

  44. wilson pham says:

    LMAO it was probably his first dab hit. Its just like smoking bud. It isn’t
    even new. 

  45. MerX~Da~PropheT says:

    People get so crazy over BHO, “It’s hallucinagenic, “Oh my god they’re
    smokin butane that’s why they get so high!”, Why? Won’t anyone please think
    about the children?” lmfao.. If done right most, cuz 100% would be
    impossible, of the butane will be removed during purging. The idiots
    blowing themselves up would have eventually either died accidently by
    shooting themselves, die in a DUI, die in prison, died from lighting
    themselves on fire after pouring rubbing alcohol on themselves, or from any
    of the other millions of ways idiots often off themselves. Sad but true..

  46. Pat Powers says:

    There’s an old Saturday night live routine: “It’s a desert topping!” “No,
    it’s a floor wax!” Now it’s “It’s a lip balm!” “No, it’s a hallucinogen!”

  47. Melatonin Overdose says:

    What? Lol I used to smoke wax at least 3 times a week, have a nice relaxing
    drive in Beverly Hills, no big. What’s the big deal?

  48. Mat Broomfield says:

    Any time TYT has a conversion about drugs, they sounds like a bunch of
    illiterate middle aged Americans. Is it too much to ask that they might
    educate themselves on this recurring subject before talking about it in

  49. Tyler Nettnin says:

    you guys are ignorant