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March 12, 2015
Cannabis in Canada LIVE: 99 North Medical Cannabis Dispensary
March 12, 2015

Because we are ballers we decided to roll up a 3 gram blunt, of the extendo variety. Really hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did. Cheers! Deeeerrrrrrrrop a like if you enjoyed the video,…



    I really enjoy your guy’s videos, can’t wait for more content, peace &

  2. Sink FLA Sink says:

    Amir, is that you?

  3. LosersThatSayMon says:

    I fucking love you guys. Like watching my favorite tv show. I feel like you
    guys might have seen Flight of the Conchords?

  4. Crystal Beth says:

    Loved the intro! But damn, that’s a faat ass blunt! ahah 🙂 Smoking with
    you guys would be like the best thing ever! That’s sweet that you are going
    to extravaganja! I wish I could go to those events, that would be siick. I
    learned how to do smoke tricks on ecigs, for some reason that was a big
    thing at my middle school & high school lol but it took me foreverrr to
    learn. When you guys were like pretty high I was literally laughing soo
    much at the shit you guys talk about, I’m partly high so that could be why
    but idk I just think you guys are hilarious! Great video as alwayss. Cheers

  5. danny rosales says:

    Lol amazing video bros two high guys haha within the time span of the video
    you guys were getting lifted by the end your energy level was just at high
    like a motherfucker haha stay high cheers: ) 

  6. Fred Haze Smoker says:

    What strain is that? Got some super frosted and sweet candy kush atm

  7. Stoned Gaming says:

    Awesome video guys, hell of a blunt. Quick question, do you guys
    dab/smoke concentrates at all? Cheers!