SinCity Seeds – Nightmare Cookies (V1) – Day 21

2 Dabs on a clean rig
February 7, 2015
2 Month Old Marijuana Plants
February 7, 2015

In Full Compliance With Colorado Medical Marijuana Laws, 18+, As Always… After looking back at last weeks video, i noticed that #2 was showing some slight burn, so the next feeding was for…


  1. Cas-tle Grown says:

    I have nearly the same thing going on over here, 2 good ones, a fair one,
    and one that may or may not make it. I just have it in OF soil and giving
    it ph neutral water and a couple are burning already. This strain has me
    second guessing things. I hope things are going swell in CO man. Peace

  2. birdman anyweather says:

    Flush em, str8 pH water and wait until it’s completely dry until next water

  3. calibomber209 says:

    What media? Looks hot! I used pro mix hp on seedlings wo flushing it first
    and it looked just like that. 2 12pk fem seeds from Barney’s n soma.
    Sometimes fox farms ocean forest runs hot too. If not the media r u feeding

  4. OverGrowtheGov says:

    SIN CITY ! how often are u watering? dont worry to much about the bottom
    leaves. they do that some times

  5. butcherbaylee says:

    Looking good,a lot better than my nightmare cookies. I didn’t give them
    strong enough lighting so their lagging behind.