Should medicinal cannabis be legal – Free Speech (BBC3)

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March 26, 2014
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March 26, 2014

Should medicinal cannabis be legal - Free Speech (BBC3)25th March 2013, BBC3 debate featuring Peter Reynolds of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform.


  1. UKCIAmedia says:

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  2. Martijn van Calcar says:

    Ignorance aboout cannabis is great in England…. Tim Stanley is so ill
    informed and ignorant about cannabis he shouldn’t even be on the panel plus
    the woman who suddenly start talking about heroine which is on a completely
    different plane than cannabis she hasn;t even informed herself what
    cannabis really is….

  3. Steve thepirate says:

    Weed is not a drug…. It is a plant!! It doesn’t cause mental issues..
    Tim irritates me with his opinions… Maybe think before you talk!?! And no
    the facts!!! The reason the prohibition of alcohol in the u.s went bad in
    the 20’s is because the government started to poison it all. De-classified
    documentation. The panels hole idea of the world we live in is bullshit,
    they have no clue about the controlling and manipulating powers that
    control us, and have massive rolls within the pharmaceutical company’s,
    Bank of England etc etc. We have incompetent people in charge. And then we
    have idiots like that on tv representing the nation… How about u get some
    intelligent people who are actually living in this world on the tv!! 

  4. karl marx says:

    the more people that join CLEAR the better,

  5. Sam Fisher says:

    Thank you for Sharing!

  6. Paul G says:

    The government are guilty of letting people die, when they could have
    treated and saved the lives of thousands. There is No excuse for their
    crimes, they do not in anyway have peoples interests at heart, just what
    they could lose out on when it comes to the deals they have with the
    biggest drug dealers in the word, the pharmaceutical companies. Its a sick
    and corrupt government that are running this country. When will people
    start to wake up????????? WAKE UP PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!

  7. Will Taylor says:

    Ha. Cannabis isn’t a gate way drug, argument invalid already!!