Shocking news Bout Marijuana, The Secret Medicine

Yo Gotti – Women Lie, Men Lie ft. Lil Wayne
September 23, 2011
Garden of Weeden — 22-SEP-2011
September 23, 2011

Shocking news Bout Marijuana, The Secret MedicineA short documentary thats about the medicinal property’s of Marijuana


  1. surethingszz says:

    Thanks alot for the thumbs up

  2. erutanl89 says:

    whoever dislikes this vid should mind their own, and leave ppl b. or kindly suck a chode. the chode of a whale perhaps.

  3. ganjpharmerDEAblowme says:

    i have personally cured a guys skin cancer with marijuana hash oil… and i even shrank my swollen lymph nodes and took away the pain by rubbing the oil on the swollen lymph node which was in my neck and groins,

  4. bingramtube says:

    We need to help this grow.

  5. queenofone says:

    YAY let us all get hiiiiiiiigh

  6. TSumz1146 says:

    awesome. awesome. awesome.

  7. surethingszz says:

    @queenofone :)))

  8. surethingszz says:

    When my weed is done and ready ill make some oil and record the entire thing 🙂
    i just cant w8 till its done it feels like years and not months :))