serious answers only please! Do you think medicinal marijuana will be legalised soon in GA?

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September 29, 2010
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September 29, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Willowtree asked:

i have lupus and fibromyalgia. I’m in pain quite a bit. I have been on everything from pills to fentanyl patches. i hate all these chemicals.


  1. ROBIN says:

    I can see it happening in other states sooner than in GA. Is it possible for you to get a prescription and have it filled in a state that allows dispensing of medical marijuana? I know we obtained some for my brother-in-law’s mother, when she was going through chemo at the doctor’s suggestion, but we had to buy it from a dealer because it was SC in the 70’s. It really helped her pain and nausea. I am frustrated that it is not available for people who really need it.

  2. Poppy says:

    Soon.. no. In our lifetime? I think so.