Senator Goes Where No Senator Has Gone Before

JOHNNY BLAYZ presents THE GREEN ADVENTURES (web series ep.1)
November 1, 2014
hydro report no.#7
November 1, 2014

“A Democratic U.S. Senator from Oregon supports legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and will vote “yes” to a state initiative next week that would let adults consume pot for fun,…


  1. Eric East says:

    This video is 4:20 long.

  2. Brick Tamland says:

    it’s funny how oregon shot down the weed bill they had last time when
    washington passed it. i guess oregon is too conservative.

  3. Montana MacLeod says:

    Video is 4 minuts 20 secs. Quincidence? I think not.

  4. FullBoarDaniel says:

    I live in New Hampshire you can technically say we have “Medical Marijuana”
    but people have no way of getting it.No Dispensary’s have been set up and
    its been almost a year and a half! The Governor made them take out
    homegrows and PTSD so if you are in NH make sure you vote against the Liar
    Governor Maggie Hassan this Tuesday.At least the Republican challenger
    wants to get the medical stores open and is open minded to Cannabis
    Legalization bills in the future.The current Governor said she would Veto
    even a Decrim bill if it came to her desk! We are “The Live Free or Die”
    state and we are the only state left in New England that hasn’t
    Decriminalized it!

  5. Michael Davidson says:

    I wish TYT would talk about this … talking about the hanger for Virgin
    “Taxpayers footed the bill to build the state-of-the-art hangar and runway
    in a remote stretch of desert in southern New Mexico as part of a plan
    devised by Branson and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Critics have
    long challenged the state’s investment, questioning whether flights would
    ever get off the ground.”

    Doesn’t it piss you off how they get the public to pay for their hangers
    and sports stadiums?? but we don’t have any money for food stamps, no money
    for unemployment. Gee, I wonder why? Private gains with public losses.
    Helluva deal.

  6. andysos1234 says:

    Jimmy Bore is so unfunny and try-hard it makes me cringe

  7. You're A Shitty Person, Lɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ʙᴀʟʟs says:

    This guy’s trying to hard to be funny. Pretty cringy.

    Anywhoo, independents have supported weed for a while now.

    Repubs won’t support it because “drugs r bad.” Except Kinky Freedman. He’s

    And Dems will support it just to buy out more votes from their already high
    and unemployed, welfare sucking voter base.

  8. Bryce Avampato says:

    Guys this video is 4:20 long. Holy shit.

  9. Kenji Wardenclyffe says:

    4.20 in length, hah,

  10. Atheist Jewish Messiah says:

    Voted for Merkely 

  11. Bolfar says:

    I don’t get why people are for weed but against all the other drugs. If you
    think resources are wasted catching non-violent drug users why not legalize
    all the other drugs?

  12. dav3fk says:

    His caveats are gutless lies….

  13. Houston soomo says:

    Lol this video ends in 420

  14. Shala Font says:

    Legalize marijuana! ban Guns! 

  15. Gobbie Bag says:

    What!? Someone from the government spoke some sense? I wonder how long it
    will take for him to go “missing”.

  16. SpiritualAtheist says:

    It’s about freakin’ time. 

  17. tetsubo57 says:

    A member of Congress spoke sense? Best ship Satan some thermals.

  18. Pc Blob says:

    of course it was a democrat. had it been a republican the penalty would be
    death through starvation and labour. 

  19. Brent Lindberg says:

    Dude you went full senator. Never go full senator.

  20. cjbos81 says:

    Libertarians have opposed prohibitions for a very long time.

  21. John Parker says:

    I’m not buying the whole ‘no slavery in Mississippi and Texas’ statement,
    just by judging how their politicians act. I’m gonna have to see that to
    believe it. 

  22. 46619TAB says:

    People are going to use 420 whether it’s legal or not and the sooner
    elected officials realize that, the better for all. 

  23. Keirnoth says:

    Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high…

  24. Mike Custalow says:

    Is it just a coincidence that the length of the video is 4:20?

  25. MilitantAntiTheist says:

    The Republicans who were once Dixiecrats oppose the legalization of
    marijuana, which means liberals oppose marijuana legalization and small
    government conservatives are in favor of it.

  26. Boggan Alseryd says:

    sweden has followed suit in americas world war on drugs, now even america
    has come around on the weed issue, i guess sweden will have to wait 20 more
    years, sigh

  27. Shut Up says:

    Is this really the first time a senator has said anything like this (to the
    public)? I’m finding this hard to believe for some reason

  28. Jason Mariano says:

    Lol the vid is 4:20 

  29. John Edwards says:

    I think it’s funny that Jimmy made fun of Texas about slavery. It’s a
    little known fact that Texas is the only state to secede from TWO different
    countries because they were afraid of slavery being taken away from them.
    I’m amazed how anyone can be proud to be from Texas.

  30. Apl wanabes says:

    The video ends at 4:20 haha 

  31. ski czar says:

    “We don’t really have a record on Colorado yet”.
    Dude, you are a Senator from OREGON! Lol. You don’t need to look at how it
    worked out in other states when you live in OREGON!

  32. Anton Meisner says:

    Oh please. I have smoked pot, did it during my studies a few times and
    enjoyed it until I saw a giant head in the wall. After a few hours the
    semi-psychosis was over and I decided not to smoke again. TYT should be
    balanced enough to understand that there is actually a risk of permanent
    damage to the brain. I have met young men in my work at psychiatric clinics
    who have had their minds destroyed by pot – permanent psychosis,
    schizophrenia. Marijuana is fun indeed until the brain starts sending
    signals that are not normal. Whatever argument for the legalization you
    cannot deny the fact that there is a BIG risk of damage to the brain. And
    the whole “but alcohol is worse” argument is not an argument. Alcohol leads
    to cancer among other things but it won’t awake latent schizophrenia. And
    even if that would be the case then why not stay away from all drugs,
    alcohol included? Start exercising, surfing or whatever NATURAL way you can
    to get your dopamine and serotonine levels up. Sincerely….

  33. cheetah flash says:

    All tyt does is picking up a subject all talk bullshit for some 5-9 minutes
    in every video

    there opinion us not worth lisining to.

  34. IxAMxFed says:

    Is there a reason this video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long?

  35. DivineBloopy says:

    Daily reminder that anal is healthy and delightful. 

  36. Persuasive Barrier says:

    Finally, Democrats stepping up to the plate… progressives/(left)
    libertarians have been pushing for this for a lloooong time.

  37. olbear303 says:

    This is why states rights are so important. 

  38. Oliver Richards says:

    “For the first time, a sitting senator . . . ” Ummmmmm . . . . Rand Paul? 

  39. rockthestrand says:

    Marijuana is highly addictive.

  40. tye daley says:

    4:20 run time ftw

  41. urenda573 says:

    I hate it when ppl pick on TEXAS because not everyone’s the same since we
    have 21 million ppl living here…

  42. Matthew Sifuentes says:

    First it’s tha devils lettuce den it’s gay sex,n heroin. Fuqin libs ruinin

  43. nickmeistersa says:

    Nice video length.

  44. thebatmanover9000 says:

    This video is 4 minuets and 20 seconds.

  45. Adam Wojtczak says:

    Fun fact: Mississippi only officially banned slavery in *1995*. And no
    that’s not a typo. Further proof that southern red states are completely
    moronic and backwards.

  46. xithappens says:

    Republican ideology slowly shrinking to more war, more guns, more
    billionaires and fuck the poor.

    You know, just like Jesus wanted.

  47. Sun Jetzu says:

    Does anybody know what day I can vote, im in florida :D

  48. jregan67 says:

    How Did The States Get Their Shapes – I loved that series!!!!

  49. chocolateking1 says:


  50. Mosinlogan says:

    Mississippi will legalize marijuana when someone finds in the bible where
    it says all the plants are for the people.

    Oh yea. It does.