Scrogging, Monster Cropping and Lolly Popping.

(Actor) Todd Holland Owner/ Partner of TH Custom Promos Interviews on Callywood In The Morning!
April 23, 2014
NH Senate Committee Determines Bureaucracy More Important than Pain Management — Again
April 23, 2014

Scrogging, Monster Cropping and Lolly Popping.Ultimate growing techniques for optimum yields. Monster Cropping and scrogging a sea of green.


  1. JAwebcom says:

    Hi Derek, I subscribed a while back and have watched quite a few of your
    videos now, seems like you are getting more comfortable in front of the
    camera, keep it up! Really enjoy your cooking videos and saving this one
    with the “framing technique” for my summer grow! Thanks!

  2. blacksand320 says:

    I’m glad to see you are doing your business as usual and haven’t
    surrendered your plants to that government “health” agency…

  3. Chef Derek Butt says:

    Less is more.

  4. Rage King says:

    Love your garden. Nice and professional.