Romney Disses Dying Medical Marijuana Patient (MIRROR) (#LEGALISECANNABISUK)

Kelly Ayotte Talks Medical Marijuana with a Disabled Navy Veteran (MIRROR) (#LEGALISECANNABISUK)
May 28, 2012
BBC Cannabis What’s The Harm (Mirror) (Sign the UK Cannabis E-Petition)
May 28, 2012

Romney Disses Dying Medical Marijuana Patient (MIRROR) (#LEGALISECANNABISUK) – Sign the e-petition to Legalize cannabis in the UK. Post the petition on facebook and twitter. Tell your friends. Make videos. Get the message out. (This is not my video. If this is your video and you don’t want it mirrored send me a message and I will remove it) Romney is a fucking bastard. romeny mitt republican medical marijuana ron paul Mitt Romney Ron Paul marijuana cannabis weed legalization legal legalize uk government “war on drugs” usa europe cancer “pain reli

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