Pros and Cons to legal Medicinal Marijuana?

Can police dogs they use to find drugs point out (smell) a growing marijuana plant?
September 13, 2010
marijuana pros?
September 14, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Yodelli asked:

Just out of curiosity I’d like answers from all sides of the aisle. Please state your political party along with your answer, also state political pros and cons as well as pros and cons regarding health and medicine. Thank you.


  1. Jon says:


  2. neverrusty says:

    It is, in many cases, better than and cheaper than actual pharmaceuticals, however it is a schedule 1 drug for some dumb reason and people may feel compelled to steal sick peoples marijuana.

    Oh and to jon, marijauna is not addictive, nor is it a gateway drug, it is less dangerous than alcohol, does not cause lung cancer, actually people who smoke have lower lung cancer rates than non smokers, and legalizing it will cut down on black market profits, not raise it. The scarcity of illegal drugs makes the profits high, once legalized and regulated, profits will suffer.

  3. answers smartass says:

    if it were strictly for medical purposes thats fine but there are so many abuses that the whole thing is a joke. just find about any doctor tell him your hangnail hurts and you get a weed prescription

  4. Artemisc says:

    I’m a flaming lib. The primary con would be the potential of people who have no medical need getting access to it. However, the same thing currently happens with pharmaceuticals, but as you can’t OD on weed, I don’t see it as much of a problem. I don’t believe that weed in medical use would serve as a gateway drug, as you wouldn’t have to be in contact with illegal drug dealers who are apt to offer harder drugs.

  5. It's That Guy says:

    I am an independent, but liberal and progressive. I think marijuana should be legalized altogether, I don’t think it’s even as dangerous as alcohol. It should be sold in liquor stores, subject to the same controls as alcohol.

    As for medical marijuana, I have no doubt that it helps cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy because my Sweetie is currently just getting over her chemotherapy and I could see it helped her a lot. I know people who swear it helps with migraine headaches, and these aren’t people who would smoke it otherwise. I can see how drug companies hate it, but I think they make enough. The stuff is very easy to grow. It’s not called ‘weed’ for nothing.

    The disadvantage, perhaps, is that here in California (and perhaps other medical marijuana states) it’s very very easy to get a card to allow you to get medical marijuana. The have doctors that work at the places pot is sold who will give you a recommendation. Basically you only have to say “I get headaches sometimes.” But then I believe pot should be legal so that doesn’t really bother me.

  6. says:

    Con: Anytime something that has a potential dangerous side effect that is legalized, you also incur people who try to obtain the product illegally. I really don’t see the value in legalizing marijuana since it’s so widely obtainable now. Even drugs that are only obtained with a prescription are misused and people get them that aren’t legally supposed to.

  7. John Y says:

    Cleveland 01/30/10

    You may believe me when I state: its not that smoking be bad for you,..?!?

    Let us look at the situation from a moral point of view,..And,..then, from a devine point of view,..
    And,..what the heck,..Why not from a cultural – religious point of view,…

    All in all,..We struggle to control society,..Mostly because of Lawfulness,..And,..also, so as to
    keep the competent law abiding people seperate from those that are of low morals,..And,
    those that may do any olde thing,..SEE,.??

    Meanwhile,..Marijuana, and the other drugs may not be bad for your health,..May be quite
    good for you,..Then,..why the heck all of hype,..and restraints against the uses,.?

    Control,..Control Control,.!?!! The good olde U.S. of A. struggles to control the society of
    people,..They are not to see too clearly into the inner workings of this Country’s Gov’t. A wh-
    ole lot of wrong goes on behind closed doors,..Many many crimes,..thefts,..Even murders,
    etc,,..for my own experiences,..I sent a letter to the U.S. Patent Authorities , same
    I inquired about Patenting procedures,etc,..

    The hudlerlums(sp) and thugs within the interior came out to see what it be,..What am I going
    to file patent for,..Well, all hell broke loose,..I was terrorized for at least two months,..And,
    several months after the terrorizing ceased the interior send out a hit man,..He got fouled only
    by God, the miracle on the Southern State Parkway in New york State,..

    Sooo,.we can see things,..only,..the Gov’t. make every effort to limit how much we do see,..

    Until smoking and using – be made legal,..And,..its bound to happen,,.We can only do drugs,..
    in areas we are not to get detected,..or,..uncovered,..

    Limit your sniffs,..Draws,..until in becomes legal to do them,..

    Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )

  8. cisne n.egro says:

    I am Brazilian, my political party is the Democrats am not American citizen.
    But I will tell my history to illustrate that controversy.
    from very early whenever me felt colic menstrual I took a medicine (elixir paregórico) my mother also took this medicine amy grandmother as well as my great-grandmother also took that medicine, one day watching television I heard announce that starting from that date the government prohibited the sale of that medicine. I was infuriated. How would not a traditional medicine not be sold?
    In the newspaper I discovered the reason, women were giving that medicine until then for children newly born, and the medicine sold without prescription had forbidden sale.
    Which does know was it begin assets of the medicine?
    Opium, during years I took opium without knowing.

    I didn’t addict me in opium, it only took the medicine when it felt pains, and lament that the sale has been prohibited.
    I am in favor that for medicinal use those drugs are used.
    When badly used water even is noxious.