Proof: Cannabis Reduces Cancer (Without Side Effects) Pennies per dose

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May 18, 2012
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May 18, 2012

Proof: Cannabis Reduces Cancer (Without Side Effects) Pennies per doseRevolutionNews.US – The US government patented medicinal marijuana, so why the controversy?


  1. warfossil says:

    Medicinal Marijuana is just a name. What’s patended is the synthetic form “marinol”.

  2. Mauhadeeb28 says:

    Carbon deposits from smoke are also a proven link to cancer. Perhaps they need a new way to deliver its medicinal properties because inhaling smoke is completely unsafe.

  3. warfossil says:

    Genetically modified seeds?

  4. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    eaten, vaporized.

  5. SouthernCross33 says:

    100% correct, this is why i say the govt, big pharma and the financial sector are in fact the enemies of the ppl. Also a long list of other reasons. It’s time the majority ruled and we would rule in the best interests of all humanity

  6. Shempass says:

    It’s wonderful to have people like the good folks at Revolution News who are willing to report on these things. No more lies, no more hypocrisy, no more propaganda, just the truth. Until the people can unite and make this a viable issue for the government, it will remain illegal. Plain and simple.

  7. Anghellic389 says:

    Ron Paul 7:09

  8. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    you may be right, and it sounds logical… but the fact that the truth is hidden from the public leaves it in dispute 🙁

  9. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    at 3:10 the reporter says that marijuana isn’t patented… so why doesn’t she know that it IS patented as medicinal marijuana? Isn’t she doing her job?

    google it: U.S. Govt MARIJUANA MEDICINE PATENT #6630507

  10. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    because big pharma, corporations, oil co’s can do whatever they want… they have their lobbyists bribe the legislators to write illegal laws!

  11. warfossil says:

    Since marijuana is still illegal then I guess it’s safe to say that no one can hold a patent on these specific seeds. The pharmaceutical companies know this and that’s why they made a synthetic form called marinol. Don’t get me wrong, I too agree that they are destroyers

  12. SouthernCross33 says:

    It is at it’s best in oil form, that is extracting the essence of the plant and taken orally or applied to skin cancers etc topically

  13. questionsleadtotruth says:

    Fantastic upload. One of the best you’ve done.

  14. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    yep :(

  15. ftffighter says:

    4:00 for MR.PAUL!!!!!!

  16. Linux4UnMe says:

    the question is….Will the day ever come where doctors, schools, parents, governments etc Recommend the Public to Use Cannabis??? I highly doubt it LOL. But it would be perfectly sane to do so… Cigarette deaths? thousands over year… Cannabis Death’s…. 0

  17. warfossil says:

    There’s absolutely other ways. It can be baked into cookies and chocolates and so on.

  18. SouthernCross33 says:

    If that is the case how do you explain monsanto and their patenting of seeds?

  19. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    actually, it was a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. U.S. Patent 6630507

  20. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    strange that the FDA and DEA says that marijuana has no health benefits but the US govt patented medicinal marijuana in 2003… plus they grow it in missisippi and have been sending it to patients for years!


    Montel: ‘The US Govt Patented Marijuana Pain Medicine in 2003!’
    Video: /watch?v=rLiR-MsGfsw

  21. warfossil says:

    That’s only synthetic form and is given in tablets. The pharmaceutical companies can patent that. On the other hand you can’t patent something natural, such as a plant. So medicinal marijuana sold in bud form can’t be patended.

  22. SouthernCross33 says:

    Yes, but don’t forget that even though they’ve tampered with the seeds genetics/structure, it was still an everyday seed once. Now it’s owned and only available from those evil monsanto destroyers

  23. SouthernCross33 says:

    Who would doubt it? Just think about, thanks to evil grubs in the US govt and big pharma, they’ve managed to ban world wide the use of pot (yet sell cigarettes/alcohol) and also banned heroin, the best and least toxic pain killer known to man. Govt’s and corporations are in fact our enemies