Positive Vibes 23 – Chillin with a Freeman

★ Double DAB Strike Out! ★
April 16, 2015
10,000 Watt to 7,000 Watt Bloom Room, LR5 Light Rail, King Wing, Usio 1000w DE, Noctech Ballast
April 16, 2015

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  1. hannah corliss says:

    I loved this plan on watching more. Next gathering we must have an
    intellectual pow wow. Mad snowback love!!! 

  2. Steve Rants says:

    I have always believed in God. I do think in you’re heart it’s what you
    believe in and what you feel is right or wrong. I always thought if you did
    something and you feel convicted by it that it’s wrong then maybe you
    should not do that. Just a theory. I seen both my daughter’s born and it
    was such a strange feeling that came in over the room like there was a
    presence of God. It’s a miracle birth is. Also I’ve felt that feeling in
    church service before but I’Ve not been to church in a long time. I think
    we are suppose to have faith and believe in him by faith. We are all here
    for a reason as life it’s self. In the bible it say’s life is like a vapor
    but here I am cannot remember rest of the verse but that’s so true. Dude my
    life has passed before me so fast. I’m 56 and it sure did not take me long
    to get here from age 18 Just my thought’s..cool video Blake.