Poll: What would it take to make you happier than monkeys with a prescription for medicinal marijuana?

NH narcs surveil drenched marijuana rally – 2 of 2
September 19, 2010
If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing – VIDEO WAS CENSORED
September 19, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
The Joker asked:

Just interested

: )


  1. Sacha says:

    A prescription for government grade marijuana.

  2. Rj says:

    A good woman.

  3. Ðåzεd® - ?'d^ w/bff says:

    convenient proximity to a particular contact

  4. ☻ likes fuzzy festive bawls says:

    if IIIIIIIIIIIII had the prescription…or if the monkeys shared

    missed you!!!!

    ::clings to your leg::

  5. ηeяd↕e кαятΘΘη кя↕§тү says:

    stand on your head while naked singing i’m a little teapot

  6. Someone Else says:

    (That’s really Happy Too) To be with you. You are my Answers crush (along with 100 other girls here.) But Hell, I use too much punctuation, let’s face it.

  7. Gypsy Dave says:

    The script would do me just fine. [and soon will]

  8. chrysti's midlife crisis says:

    a medicinal prescription of marijuana….duh

  9. lobo27 says:

    A full bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label, a 12 Pack Mug Root Beer, my “A” choice in women, a carton of smokes, and a motel room…
    She don’t need to know where I live…

  10. Ragdollfloozie luvs fruitcake says:

    A foot rub and an idea what to get my mother in law for Xmas.

  11. Terry,JackofHearts says:

    If every news station was caught in a string of lies until they had to shut down and reorganize. Whew they’ve made me sick TODAY. I think I’ll watch Soaps from now on when I turn on the telly.

  12. Joy and Sorrow making christmas. says:

    I’m actually pretty happy…not being single makes a change…


    Although…you could get me a prescription for xmas you know only if u want 2…

    *puppy dog eyes*

  13. Socrates says:

    ! ! ! ! !
    I can’t say that *here*.
    It would ‘violate community guidelines’
    (among other things)

  14. Robert T says:

    I do not think that kind of happiness exists. Me and the monkey’s would get baked

    and sit on the front porch throwing poo at the neighbor kid.

    I don’t care what Old Milwaukee says. It just don’t get no better than that.

  15. Wascally Wabbit says:

    Watching evil monkeys on crack – that would be pretty entertaining.

  16. Яα∂íǚм Яα∂íατǿſ: SuperSmurf says:


    Seriously, these last two days I’ve sneezed about 70 times… just did it again a few seconds ago.

  17. Pitybluesboy says:

    Some of what your sniffing lately.
    Right now i feel like Pam Anderson outside a KFC restaurant.