notslim1 now 33 – places i’ve never been and foods i’ve never tasted

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February 10, 2015
Durango Organics – Black Wolf Review
February 10, 2015

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  1. chevy dodgeboy says:

    I’ve had samosa’s before they aren’t that bad really. you guys should do a
    corn on the cob challenge that would be funny to watch

  2. Ridge97 says:

    Can you get candy up there called quality street? It’s british come’s in a
    box all different kinds of flavors..different wrappers. Awesome candy. My
    mom was british and when she would go back home to London she always
    brought some back. Of course maybe it would be in a british food store.LOL

  3. richthecardude94 says:

    Haven’t found faygo in the states in forever ffs if anyone knows where to
    get it besides rip off eBay send some messages nice vid btw just a dickerd
    dog tho lol mcl