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RAW : Obama’s Reptillian Secret Service at Speech in Israel !
March 22, 2013
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March 22, 2013

No PrescriptionCanada freedom.


  1. JoJoghetto says:

    Terrific interpritation

  2. eternallyaware says:

    This is such a strong truthful statement, You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. When we realize that we are living under a bondage system and how it really impacts us individually, then we can truly see that there is a need to stand for our human rights and freedoms in order to obtain a release from this commercial bondage that our spirits our in. We are yoked to this system from when we awake in the morning until we lay our heads to rest at night,

  3. jesusonXTC says:

    well done sir.
    Greetings from Ontario

  4. RAREAvatar says:

    why do you and others like you not have more views ? …

  5. maddog7667 says:

    because the sheeple do not notice, nor do they care. they the sheeple are still distracted by the game. If you were realize that you have nothing, it only means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  6. eldouyet says:

    srr my good friend but Québec not a province, its a nation of human beings that are force by martial law déclare in 1970 and still there aproved by british colonialism.Fedéral and private provincial governement are de facto!code civil provincial régulation does not aply on sovereing people. Québec nation dint give décorum to british loyalist judge from monarchist justice system,where simply not in the contract,we dint sing that contract.give me a reason to be a vassal servent to a legal person 

  7. eternallyaware says:

    I can not speak for others but since I started posting videos in late 2011, My view count has always been manipulated by you tube. I placed a video about this on my you tube channel. I was having many views to the point where I was # 7 or # 8 most viewed in Canada. After a few days of those awards You tube came to my channel and started to manipulate the views on my channel, since then the view count is always manipulated on my videos,

  8. eldouyet says:

    Québec nation souverain dint sign the british rapatriment of constitution in 1981-1982,-my people dont sign the contract,my nation not in the contract,,Québec free mans and womens on the land!we dont need référendom to be souverain,does France need a votes to know there identity!?
    human freedom habitants of north-América!Québec my nation my tribe my land!

  9. eternallyaware says:

    Yes in Quebec we are in a odd situation the crowns place has been overrun, It is the JUSTICE SYSTEM that runs the province, we do not have a Governor. It is a judge from the justice system who holds that office and it has been like that for many decades. Quebec has been forced by veto into the CRF 1982. We find the expression of common law, International law by implication or direct declaration in the Civil Code.

  10. eternallyaware says:

    Most of our energy and focus is directed at operating in this corporation we call CANADA. Operating through the juridical person trying to pursue and make a living, while the right to enjoy a living remains hidden from our view and tucked securely away in their bank accounts. Like Maddog said you have nothing to lose except your shackles as a legal person and everything to gain under your human rights and freedoms