New York to Legalize Medical Marijuana


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New York to Legalize Medical MarijuanaNew York is set to legalize medicinal marijuana as Governor Andrew Cuomo has reached a deal with lawmakers on the Compassionate Care Act. The bill’s regulations are more conservative than the…

21 comments on “New York to Legalize Medical Marijuana

  1. ChrisMathers3501 on

    Okay. So it doesn’t go far enough. But take it for what it is. It used
    to be just California that had legal pot, and even then it was only
    medical. Then last year, BOOM, three states legalized it in one fell
    swoop. Now there’s talk of it getting legalized in more states. Now this
    wasn’t necessarily what we wanted, but it’s a step in the right direction.
    We just need to tear a few more big gaping holes in the enemy of our
    freedom that is American drug policy, and watch that pile of horseshit come
    tumbling down.

  2. Baron von Quiply on

    5 licenses?
    That’s not “entrepreneurs” that’s “5 of my rich friends who will soon be
    making even more money”.

  3. Lee Rose on

    im a war veteran and i need to smoke weed. im stressed way too much over
    the Govt playing devils advocate. im sure 90% of the country has some form
    of PTSD as well from their constant fear mongering.

  4. Justin Tyme on

    Is this about making money and, or poisoning people with what the health
    authority will add to your ganja blend?
    Probably best in The police state to buy where you can smoke your weed,
    where it is unadulterated, considering that NYC health authority where
    telling people the air in the city was good when the facts are that is was
    packed with asbestos and other toxins after the WTC collapses.
    Its your dime.

  5. Dan Vaughan on

    Inhalable extracts I believe are pen like inhalant devices filled with
    honey oil from different strains. I’ve actually have seen these. They
    ignite a small amt without any noticeable smell or smoke, so they can be
    used almost anywhere. Still not the same as the raw plant. 

  6. Dale B on

    Pennsylvania will be one of the very last States to make it legal. Its such
    a communist State “republican controlled “

  7. Colin Mottershead on

    k i need someone i now to get aids, so i can buy jane off them. sucks to be

  8. castello west on

    They can only do edibles or vaporize it? Too funny as bloomy banned
    vaporizing nicotine/e-cigs in public.
    Please do a real segment on how “public health groups” are fighting e-cigs.

  9. Hank Scorpio on

    Not enough! Make all plants legal period! All drugs derived from nature
    should be unregulated and untaxed!

  10. MistressArte on

    I think it’s a step and as long as it’s a step forward it’s a good thing.
    Maybe this will help other states gain momentum in legalizing it.

  11. Karl Slicher on

    I’m surprised that the tobacco industry isn’t pushing this more to be

  12. chris cox on

    not allowing people their organic and/or hydroponic marijuana is medical
    (RE: Biological/physiological) big brother healthcare control,err,
    exploitation . this still reminds of 1996 when california prop 215 pioneer
    and healer Dennis Peron said “every use of marijuana is medicinal” i have a
    copy of the issue of HT mag from that year, with Dennis Peron on the cover
    with the header “healer or dealer” and i still say healer…i was 25 years
    young at the time. it is now 2014 = 28 years later and we as a country
    has barely made an inch in progress. why? complacent, chicken shit
    conformist, aging hippies whom have never grown up beyond the carter years
    1977 – 1981, the clinton gore years 1992- 2001.

    the only way we as a country are going to get our medical system fixed is
    by voting for those whom believe in maximum freedom….limited government
    and vote classical liberal in 215, not regeanism/republicanism, but,
    rather our original roots. 

  13. after burner on

    The government is waiting till 2016 to make it legal for the candidates
    election. And you already know Obama will win and legalize marijuana. That
    is why they are waiting. Obama gets re elected and legalizes weed making
    him the greatest president of all time :)

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