Medicinal vs. Recreational Cannabis Use ~ Medicating With Marijuana

Field of Dreams 8-20-14
August 29, 2014
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August 29, 2014

Medicinal vs. Recreational Cannabis Use ~ Medicating With MarijuanaMedicating With Marijuana ~ Medicinal vs. Recreational Cannabis Use In this video I discuss the differences between medicinal vs recreational cannabis use, medicating with marijuana & address…


  1. Ron M says:

    I seriously injured my back 8 years ago and although I’m ok now I still can
    get nerve symptoms down both my legs and into my toes. These symptoms are
    like twitches and spasms, sometimes at night it feels like my lower legs
    and foot are on fire and its hard to sleep. If I smoke cannabis say twice a
    week, its enough to relieve me of these symptoms. Nothing else has worked,
    I did use painkillers a lot but they are so dangerous and gave me heart

  2. eric b says:

    For cannabis to be an un-harassed plant,our militant police force will have
    to find their new “crime” drug like pharmaceutical opiates being abused and
    sold on the black market

  3. WelcomeHome76 says:

    Have you heard of the cannabis farmer market opening on the west coast?
    Here is an article on the subject

  4. Ian Alekzander says:

    You should invite some of your friends and have discussions on these
    topics. I have a feeling you might know some interesting and entertaining
    characters. =P

  5. Chris Sena says:

    Perfect topic that no one seems to cover. The new series of videos will be
    very useful and hopefully ease some anxiety about medicating for me being
    new to the cannabis world. 

  6. Edm860 says:

    I feel your emotions. It’s all good. 

  7. QWERTY42 says:

    Great video miss Dro. I wish people would share this to all their
    non-cannabis using misinformed people. You know, the ones that still use
    “hippy” to call every weed person they see. “Stupid stoners” type morons.
    They should watch this and then give us opinions.

  8. soad3192 - adam_kilo says:

    Hey Jane,
    Everything that you said in this video makes complete sense in so many
    different ways… I guess I would be classified as a recreational user but
    I do smoke, eat, drink marijuana on a daily basis… I used to smoke
    cigarettes for 10 years and realized that I could do better for myself, so
    I decided to use marijuana in place of tobacco… I have not used tobacco
    for 2 years and feel better than ever… I sometimes still get the urge but
    when I do I just take a couple hits off a bong and it goes away… I also
    “Liked” this video and really liked the way you ended the video by saying
    honestly is the funniest thing that I have heard in a long time… Also
    what strains are them beautiful plants behind you?

    ~Peace n Pot~

  9. Kristina Grabowski says:

    So happy you are making these videos. I have extremely bad arthritis in my
    knees and bad nerve pain. I’m only 30 so I’m really hoping that when I try
    smoking it helps with the pain because this isn’t a way to live with pain.
    I’m a chef with no insurance so if I can do this and it helps I’ll be soooo
    happy. Excited what you have to say about medicating with cannibus:) 

  10. matanuska high says:

    i started in 1993 recreationally ..medicating never crossed my i
    got older and into the medicinal scene..which i wont lie initially it was
    to cover up the recreational use legally with a card but as i aged from my
    teens 20s and thirties the crazy shit and snowboarding mountaineering rock
    climbing has caught up with me in the form of pain..ive broken collar bone
    and arm and tore ligements and started smoking more often to deal with the
    pain and now i barely recreate from cannabis its almost always for
    medicinal properties. and also the strains and how i use it have changed
    more toward the medicinal side of it in the form of tincures and edibles
    and other forms that may not get you very high but will work for the pain
    and relax you muscles

  11. primomate says:

    So Jane, are you saying when you smoked re-creationally before you used for
    medicinal, your life wasn’t in order?…and now you use medicinally, life’s
    better?…I’m a little confused…I thought you’d be medicating even if it
    was just to say…have fun?…cannabis has the medicinal properties in them
    naturally, even if for recreational use anyway…if I could say, perhaps
    it’s just a psychological transition, from re-creation to
    medicinal?…clarify please….as always, love the vids and the open-ness

  12. Milk Teeth says:

    Hi Jane, love the videos ! (:
    Quick question: Do you know if there is any way someone can get Cannabis
    for medical use before they are 18 ? I’m 15 and I have pretty bad anxiety
    disorders (prominently OCD, and anxiety attacks). I think using Marijuana
    would really benefit me greatly, and I would hate to just buy it off the
    street. /:
    Thanks for any help

  13. Barbara N says:

    what kind of kind if pot are you growing?

  14. Jake Tyler says:

    Where did you get that beautiful piece of glass you are holding?!

  15. jonny 420 says:

    Interesting stuff jane. Would be cool if u could come check out my first
    vid with my cfl grow. Thanks alot and keeps the vids coming :)

  16. Jeremy Hoover says:

    I Love when you talk about the farmers market and letting loose with our
    creativity. I could see a MUCH different world. I learn so much by watching
    your videos. Your delightful and fun and informative. The perfect combo!

  17. TelepathicT says:

    haha awesome i love how you respond like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED lmaoo. Good
    luck and stay high,happy,and healthy! Cheers! 

  18. WelcomeHome76 says:

    My friend has a holder. It only holds one joint/blunt. The slot in the
    holder fits the tips that you find on the pre-rolled cones. You can buy the
    tips and insert them into your blunt when rolling. Then it should fit
    fine. P.S. The first one he made he reused the tip from one of the cones
    that came with the holder. Not a very clean taste but it worked.

  19. jordan collins says:

    Pot of gold is great!!!!!!……i use marijuana both rec and medicinally. 

  20. Edm860 says:

    You explained the medicinal side pretty well. Peace

  21. mike mifflin says:

    If you do the research you will find that there are a lot of illegal plants
    and there is many states with their own illegal plant laws- peace

  22. jonny 420 says:

    Interesting stuff jane. Would be cool if u could come check out my first
    vid with my cfl grow. Thanks alot and keeps the vids coming :)

  23. WelcomeHome76 says:

    I don’t think you can grow poppy plants for opium or coca plants for coke.

  24. dirtybongwater grows says:

    thanks for the vid and hope you stay safe and stay medicated 

  25. Tigglette89 says:

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  26. Dick Nixon says:

    Great video, as a med/rec user, I can’t wait for the next series. Cheers!