Medicinal Marijuana Second Grow Update

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August 25, 2012
Outdoor Update: Correcting my Setup (15 gallon, 3 weeks flowering)
August 26, 2012

Medicinal Marijuana Second Grow UpdateVegging from seed day 39. Three Corleone Kush and four Pre 98 Bubbs’a, one of which is going to be my mother plant for clones. I am going to switch the bulb over to High Pressure Sodium and up the watts to 1000 on September 1st. I am currently using a Metal Halide bulb which I started at 400w and upped to 600w a few ago.

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  1. TheKronpowkid88 says:

    Hell yeah bro loved using fox farms when i did the organics are much easier on the plants those girls have exploded lookin great my mother plant box is about 5x5x5 but with the light its only about 4 1/2 tall a if it gets to tall just go down and snip off the extra height i do it a couple times between each grow just have to give the branches time to grow so you have clones for the next grow and hell if you wanted you can root the extra growth and donate them