Medicinal Marijuana Grow… Day 31…A Better Look.

Medicinal Legal Marijuana Grow, Week 5. Lollipoped Em’.
February 12, 2012
Drug bust in Columbia
February 12, 2012

Medicinal Marijuana Grow... Day 31...A Better Look.I used my phone, which I hoped would show them better than my other vids. I am beginning to become a bit obsessed with my plants, but ya know, it’s better than rocking up cocaine, that’s for sure. Waiting for the pollen sacs to magically appear. I have six plants, so that would give me a 50/50 shot. They are not big, and I intended it to be that way. My grow space is 7 square foot, and I haven’t the room yet. The leaves appear different in color, I think due to the lights, although some of the o


  1. DARKVADE420 says:

    o ye by looking at that you can definatley lower the lights at least 8-12 inches and raise it as they grow in taller

  2. 1978texanryan says:

    lower your lights! As for sexing, look at the 3rd node down from your top. Usually these are more mature and you can see white hairs if its a female. Yellow banana shaped pods are males. You don’t have to be in too much of a rush. you have a good 2 weeks before you have to pull the male.

  3. daBrUDas520 says:

    Lookin’ nice! SFSG…they should start to show more hairs in a couple of days!
    Keep on Growin’…Keep on Smokin’