Medicinal Marijuana Day Trip Song – Original Song by Maysey


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Medicinal Marijuana Day Trip Song - Original Song by MayseyA few years back I went to get my medical marijuana card renewed and this is a song I wrote about that 60 mile round trip to the clinic and a hand-full of pe…

9 comments on “Medicinal Marijuana Day Trip Song – Original Song by Maysey

  1. weeyin1155 on

    This is wonderful Mark Thank you so much. Hope you and Noy are doing fine. God Bless you both.♥

  2. TheOriginalPoet on

    Noy and I are doing great, we will be visiting the grandkids in the days to follow, so we’re both happy about this. Thank you for visiting Jan, big hugs to you and Susan. Mark and Noy

  3. TheOriginalPoet on

    Thank you uncle Raggy, I’m grateful to ya for stopping in and sharing these good words.  Mark

  4. Raggy Ragsdale on

    This is SUPER! GREAT song! Terrific picking, Wonderful voice – amazing lyrics! Thank you! Raggy 

  5. myworldyourmusic11 on

    Whatever happens in life..well,that is alright.You’re an amazing song-writer and lyricist Mark..just a life in the day of a journey gave you inspiration to write this song with a great twist;the echo is a neat touch to this song and the smile at the end..well,that was alright.A very cool song.Peace and smiles to all at the MR.

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