Medicinal Marijuana Day 41 of flower Update


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Medicinal Marijuana Day 41 of flower UpdateThree Cheesecake Kush, and three Bubble Gum. The trichs on the Bubble Gum are already like 80% amber already, and the others are milky as cum. Ha. Don’t wann…

4 comments on “Medicinal Marijuana Day 41 of flower Update

  1. joeshowallme on

    One strain said 60 days, and the other said 65, so I dunno… Going to keep nuting them every 3 days or so for another 10 days, then begin massive, rather quick, flush. Think that’ll be too much for the ones that are already amber? Also, I took out the 150w lamp (for some reason, it was burning the tips of the leaves on one plant?), and am thinking about cranking my HPS up to Super Lumes, which I think is something like 1,250w or so. What do you think? Thanks bro’.

  2. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Lookin good I go for more small stuff over monster cola’s get 30 golf ball size bugs vs a single monster cola the look like they are getting nice and big I just ordered some of LA affine from DNA gonna be interesting to see s 100%indica

  3. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Interesting the ones starting to amber out if taken at 65 is gonna be couch locking meds nothing wrong with bedtime buds. With all but 1 of my strains normally starts to milk and amber a week out i take them 64 days my momma Thai I have is a long ass flower time 13 -14 weeks but it milks and ambers few days before I would watch the one ambering out if it goes to long you will lose potency and flavor what flavors is it that has the amber trich’s

  4. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Also if they are starting to amber and milk they are probably 55day strains so start flushing so you get a good flush and get them leafs to yellow out

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