Medicinal Marijuana After Flush


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Medicinal Marijuana After FlushThe results of The Big Flush. Leaves already starting to yellow. Beautiful, don’t you think?

5 comments on “Medicinal Marijuana After Flush

  1. joeshowallme on

    This is going to be my last (indoor) grow til Fall. Can’t afford the electric bill for the a.c. in the Summer. So this is our Summer stash.

  2. TheeBudGuru on

    When the leaves turn yellow it means that the “plant” is using up the nutrients that are left with in the plant. Flushing does not strip the plant of anything!

  3. joeshowallme on

    Yes, that was what I was trying to say, I think, when I said… “once they turn yellow, the nutes have been sucked out of them…” I thought that summed it up well. 4th grow newbie here, btw.. am I correct in what I am doing though? 1. did a really good flush. 2. dropped on cycle to 10 hrs. 3. am going to continue to flush for the next 4 to 7 days (trhics are qlmost all milky, with maybe 30-40% amber or better), then let them sit in dark for 72 hrs, then cut them, trim them dry them & cure them?

  4. TheKronpowkid88 on

    Hell yeah man I got 14 days left on my northern lights and 21 for my chocolope kush and my bubblicious which has the most insane smell cant wait to smoke some

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