Medical/Recreational Weed Legal in 20+ States, Can Still Be Fired in All But 2

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November 19, 2014
Grandmas Smoking Cannabis for the First Time – Extended Cut
November 20, 2014

Medical and/or recreational weed is legal in over twenty states…but you can still be fired for using it in all but two of them —On the Bonus Show: Google signs a 60-year lease on NASA…


  1. Purposly says:

    How about not wasting your money on it and you wouldn’t have a problem.
    Same goes for alcohol and cigarettes. These are really simple solutions to
    the problem. If you want to do those things, find a line of work that
    allows it, don’t get upset when you fail a drug test knowing that it stays
    in your system for so long, you knew the consequences. 

  2. zh11147 says:

    I don’t care if it’s legal or not. Port is still pot, and if people got
    fired when it was not legal, the company should still be able to fire the
    person when it is legal. Unless, of course, if it’s for medical purposes.

  3. Mark Hidden says:

    One of the bigger problems is, that you can’t test for intoxication, like
    you can with alcohol.

  4. cdpc0 says:

    This is exactly why if weed was made legal in my state, I wouldn’t start
    smoking it. Companies don’t have to allow it, and if your state does make
    it legal, the company has to be in no hurry to change their current policy.

  5. Adam Davidson says:

    So in Arizona, I can smoke all I want in my house and not get fired, but I
    could get arrested,but in Washington state I could smoke all I want
    wherever but still get fired? Did I misinterpret anything?

  6. decadepast decadepast says:

    Marijuana is becoming used much more. Otherwise we would not have seen so
    many states turn to legalization. Fact; Just because marijuana is in a
    person’s system does not mean that they are “High”. Therefor terminating
    someone simply based on the fact that it was found in their system
    logically is incorrect. It’s logical to say that if a person was caught
    smoking marijuana on the clock without a prescription to fire them.
    However, when a person is no longer on company time, why should they be
    restricted in anyway to what substances they choose to put in their body?
    Especially when said user can demonstrate it’s benefit. If I have
    anti-anxiety medication it’s perfectly legal for me to be under the
    influence of that drug while at work. Hmmmmmm It’s almost like marijuana
    is not as bad as our government makes it out to be. Coming up on 100 years
    and things don’t look very good for prohibition. Looks like the people want
    more than just alcohol. The question is not if? The question now is when?
    How much longer? How many more drug cartel leaders will America enable to
    become filthy rich? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. How long do we
    want this drug being sold out on the streets unregulated and untaxed? It’s
    not going away. America needs to wake up on this issue.

  7. LoneDeer says:

    This video could have been 200% more entertaining if when Louis showed up
    at 2:19 he had a joint in his mouth and there was a cloud of smoke around

  8. Enola Gay Bockscar says:

    kinda funny to think of Arizona as being the most progressive state for
    medicinal marijuana…

  9. decadepast decadepast says:

    Yes. Funny how companies don’t fire people for smoking cigarettes in most

  10. Kjell Beilman says:

    Hello David Pakman viewers I would like to amend the report as far as laws
    protecting medical marijuana patients in CT. The law here states “no
    employer may refuse to hire a person or may discharge, penalize or threaten
    an employee solely on the basis of such person’s or employee’s status as a
    qualifying patient or primary caregiver…” And as far as I know when you
    have a drug test come back positive they ask if you are a medical user and
    have a card if you do the testing agency can not report a positive result. 

  11. Beren Scott says:

    It really depends on what your job entails, for example, if you are
    operating heavy machinery or a vehicle, there is a zero tolerance on
    alcohol and drugs. I will give an example, if you are operating a forklift
    and an incident occurs, if you fail a drug or alcohol test, you are liable
    and if someone is harmed, you can be convicted. Over here, we have drug and
    alcohol testing for driving. I think an employer has every right to fire a
    worker for coming into work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Simple
    as that. Don’t do it. And if your job requires you to have drug testing,
    then you can’t take drugs, don’t perform such a job if you don’t like it.
    Usually these restriction is due to heavy machinery.

  12. PhantomQueenOne says:

    Arizona can’t fire you unless they can *prove* you are intoxicated.
    Unfortunately, because it’s a ‘right to work’ state, they can try to fire
    you for *anything*. I’ve had some of my supervisors tried to get me fired
    because I wasn’t a christian. One of them told me “I don’t think you should
    allowed to work here because you aren’t a christian.” I told her what she
    was saying was against the law, and I would be reporting her. I don’t think
    it went too well for her when she was called to HR. That being said, it
    gives you a clue of the small minds in this state. Brewer would have tried
    to make it so it was a zero tolerance, but the big bucks that are coming
    from medical marijuana in California made her shut up and agree to it.

  13. Dontasme Eydidnudoit says:

    The best screw you republicans. Would be on Obama’s last couple days he
    uses his executive power to legalize weed at the federal level. Can you
    imagine all those RWers wishing they still had Obama care when their heads

  14. Stephen Erwin says:

    Excellent properties relieving symptoms from M.S.

  15. Corydon LaPaz says:

    I’ve worked with someone who smoked pot during their breaks. They were
    about as functional as me if I drank whisky during my breaks. I can totally
    see employers wanting to keep marijuana out of their businesses for this

  16. Blue Cranes says:

    this how the frog is boiled SLOWLY by liberals.
    David – what about recording your show LIVE
    after few ganja kif limbo paca lolo snop tijuana
    we will see if Louis will not FIRE YOU hahahaha

  17. Brutalis says:

    If I turned up to work drunk then I’d get fired. If I turned up to work
    stoned I’d expect the same.

  18. Daniel Benjamin says:

    Damn that’s like setting people up for failure legalizing marijuana but
    still can get fired for using it. 

  19. Miguel F says:

    Marijuana still carries a hefty penalty if you get caught with it and don’t
    have a license in Arizona, but it’s good to finally hear that we’re doing
    something right here that’s not happening in all other states. Sick folks
    shouldn’t lose their jobs for taking their prescribed medication.

  20. oXxLOUDOGxXo says:

    The person in charge of the drug testing for their respective companies
    have to take their heads out of their asses and address this problem. If
    the substance is fully legal then they have no grounds to terminate
    anyone’s employment on the basis that their urine came up positive with
    marijuana. THIS MAKES NO GODAMN SENSE!!!

  21. smartermelon says:

    David, you realize that the insurance companies are main proponents, and
    driving force, of drug testing in the workplace, right? Mostly in the
    construction and blue-collar jobs. They offer lower rates for those
    companies who will do random drug tests to get lower rates. They don’t try
    to test our public safety personnel though.. police, fire, rescue and
    politicians don’t get tested. I couldn’t care less if a McD worker is high,
    I do worry about those who have the authority to use guns and save lives. 

  22. Vacinden Rabaltar says:

    For what job do you have to do a drug test in America?

  23. I Fought Piranhas says:

    That’s the great thing about being your own boss.

    “I think I’ll excuse myself from work and go outside to smoke a joint.
    Maybe I’ll come back to work, or perhaps I’ll go sit under a tree and take
    a nap, instead.”

  24. jason4275 says:

    Can we please work on a law to make it also mandatory for all members of
    congress, governors senators mayor and city representative to be randomly
    drug tested every year.

  25. creamsykle says:

    Here in Ohio smoking cigarettes can get you fired or stop you from being
    hired from some of the larger companies to work for around here. Reynolds
    and Reynolds is a perfect example of that.

  26. decadepast decadepast says:

    Marijuana should be treated no different than alcohol. Just because it is
    in your system does not mean you have been using it at your work.

  27. David Pakman Show says:

    In spite of legal recreational and/or medical marijuana in 20+ states, you
    can still be fired for it in all but 2

  28. bf1tz says:

    With it being legal, it can now be truly argued that users are being
    discriminated against. Also, we need to get this shit changed period.
    Currently there are tests that can determine if a person is actually under
    the influence while at work, yet employers and whatnot continue to use
    testing that discloses more than your current state and essentially gives
    them a history of most of the substances you had consumed outside of work
    hours. Again either this needs changed, or it should be required that
    employers compensate employees for the period of time the testing reveals.
    You are not getting paid on your time off, your employer has no business
    being in your business while you are not under their employ… again pay up
    or it’s fucking illegal. Oh and the rules should be applied to all drugs,
    prescribed and unprescribed. If it is illegal to fire someone for taking
    prescribed medicines, there is no argument here.

  29. Heiner Privat says:

    Okay 2 things here: 1. Nothing you do in your freetime should lead to you
    being fired.
    I dont care if its legal or not. As long as you dont get jailtime, you keep
    your job.

    2. All Internetlaw should just be thrown out completly if there is such a
    thing. Did you need new laws on taxes becouse of the Internet? No. All
    other laws apply, i dont see how we need any new ones specific to the

  30. BrotherAlpha says:

    Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence.

  31. Chris Ragona says:

    Problem is that every stoner I know wake and bakes. They’re going to work

  32. Tee Jay says:

    Some vaporizers today can actually ‘vape off’ the buzz inducing THC and
    provide just the pain relieving CBD’s. So if you vape at a certain
    temperature, which doesn’t effect your mind, is it still illegal?
    The vaporizer dilemma cracks me up. It’s only legal in NY to eat or vape.
    But you can’t legally sell a vaporizer for use with weed. Man…we live in
    such silly times.

  33. indegruv says:

    not everyone is the same I hate people who compare everything based on some

  34. Jeff Boxing says:

    The issue comes down to no real tests for “active” cannabinoids in your
    system, There’s no test to see if you’re high right now, or got high a week
    ago. Fake piss is common out here tho. I drive a forklift and if I hit
    something I gotta get an immediate UA, and it’s testing for everything
    thard why it’s hard to specify the
    Thc content the chemical itself stays dormant in your system for a while.

  35. Frank Mooradian says:

    You’d have to get caught with it on the job, either visually, or like
    smelling alcohol on the breath, smelling weed on the person.

  36. decadepast decadepast says:

    Nice to hear someone serious in the news media bringing this up. Good job