Medical Marijuana For Dogs

Session #6
March 27, 2015
Glory Caribbean Express
March 27, 2015

Would you give weed to your dog? Tick Segerblom, a senator in Nevada, is proposing a new provision to a bill that would give vets the right to prescribe medical marijuana to dogs.***Subscribe…


  1. Carol McKee says:

    AHHHH! Think of the CHILDREN!!!!!
    I actually did give my dog cannabis oil to ease his cancer. Veterinarian
    was tacitly OK with it. Problems with dosage, though, the first time I
    overdid it, he was unhappy being out of control.

  2. Renee Souder says:

    The dog I had years ago loved it! Any animal is not going to return again
    and again to not only eat a plant that’s hurting it,but then also beg for
    it,and even knows the difference between which kinds are the best. He was
    always anxiously waiting for the sweetest greens. He knew and loved it. A
    minature poodle, regularly ate his share of seeds for his healthy coat.
    R.I.P. our C.J.

  3. Zephlos Kal'Shanor says:

    my dog eats seeds all the time, it doesnt seem to affect her at all. Well
    short of making helping with her dandruff. She never acts “high”

  4. IndigoXYZ18 says:

    Once when I got my cat Hime baked, I briefly saw his eyes move in two
    directions at once (the right eye was looking up, the other was looking

  5. Smax Lab says:

    Haha my dogs are already goofy enough!

  6. TheDajamster says:

    You might change your tune the first time you come home & your dog has
    scarfed down all of your edibles.

  7. Matt Erlemeier says:

    Proud of where this channel is going. Keep up the good work Dave!

  8. Dan W says:

    we should consult the dogs before making decisions about them

  9. MrMagic322 says:

    I would love to get stoned with my dog. Shaggy and scooby style.

  10. tucsonalex says:

    I just found your channel a few days ago and wanted to say I enjoy the
    videos but the intro music and voiceovers are really loud while the rest of
    the audio is very low and muffled. Anyone else notice this?

  11. Samuel kranidiotis Kranidiotis says: