Master Bong – El Sobrante Pot Doctor | Medical Marijuana Renewal

First time growing Outdoor Marijuana
June 15, 2011
Outdoor Marijuana Plants, Outdoor Growing, Rural Areas – Part 2
June 15, 2011

Master Bong - El Sobrante Pot Doctor | Medical Marijuana medical marijuana | medicinal marijuana | marijuana news | legalization | marijuana | legalize weed | legalization of marijuana | legal bud | pot legalization | marijuana patients | how to grow pot | thc Yes we have done it again but this time its wayyy better than before. Every year I aim to do things more in detail and this is no exception so here we are, are you ready to go inside of a actual Medical Marijuana Evaluation?!? THe wait is over I know you wanted to see this ever since t


  1. fockya says:

    This won’t p

  2. fockya says:

    I’m from el sobrante,

  3. fockya says:

    Lay on iPad

  4. TheSchimmi says:

    For some reason i thought this video was titled “Pot Detector”

    I was like IT DOES EXIST

  5. skatedistrict238 says:

    @TheSchimmi ive seen this like 5 times on highdeas about a weed dector! lol 1love

  6. ThePhyscoboy44 says:

    i love how this is in the category education XD