Low Rider Pots For Cannabis Cultivation.

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August 29, 2014
Budding Outdoor Grow
August 29, 2014

Low Rider Pots For Cannabis Cultivation.Growers are yielding up to ten pounds per plant.


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  3. Rodney Pike says:

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  4. LUVallova says:

    The majority of the research I have done on airpots and air pruning of
    roots, has come from university studies, where the majority consensus
    suggests early air pruning and maintenance of root systems for long term
    growth trees (maple, oak, walnut…etc.) is extremely important and can
    help to avoid many problems trees have as they get older, such as
    In my opinion, because cannabis is such an incredibly fast and temporary
    grower, long term tree issue simply don’t arise. Root circling is not a
    concern, but could be if cannabis was a perennial that stuck around for
    8-10 years. Since all stature training is done above ground, it doesn’t
    matter what the roots look like, so long as it can take up water and
    nutrients for 16 weeks. LST or scrogging takes a minimum amount of time in
    comparison to establishing, maintaining and disposing of a large and/or
    wide root balls. In terms of efficiency, indoor, fast turnover plants
    shouldn’t be in veg longer than 21-28 days, otherwise you’re just growing
    stems and leaves. SOG is where efficiency meets production.


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  7. Chef Derek Butt says:

    Yield up to ten pounds a plant.

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    As the indica name suggests, it originated in India not Afghanistan.
    Overall great video!

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    Another great vid ty for all the helpful info grow green

  10. Greg Makoski says:

    Great twisting before Super cropping tip. I know a lot of guys who won’t
    Super crop because they don’t know how to do it with out breaking the
    stem.. Great tip chef B! 

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    Lets us know in the future about the wide pot theory. . Use 3 more wide
    pots in your next experiment. . And thanks for the Vids Chef. Coming from
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