Long Dab + Ninja Dab : Oil Dome on a Dirty Rico

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December 31, 2011
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January 2, 2012

Long Dab + Ninja Dab : Oil Dome on a Dirty RicoBEST IN 1080p – I guess editing your video in YouTube degrades the quality?? Just finished a fresh batch of errl that was nice and manageable, like golden silly putty from the heavens. Figured it’d be fun to take a long dab of this nice vac purged Purple Berry Kush, but my friend dropped in 2 ninja dabs on me that I almost didn’t make it through. Dirty Rico stemless shower head to a Stoney Glass Mini 18mm oil dome and a Highly Educated V3 Ti nail. We are all WA State Medicinal Marijuana Patients


  1. airjordanseattle23 says:

    sick dab man

  2. MrJamesShea says:

    DAMM Sweet