Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes?

Why is the FDA avoiding medicinal marijuana, it’s sold in pharmacies as a regular prescription?
September 4, 2010
What’s the penalty for growing 2 marijuana plants in Western Australia?
September 4, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
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Do you believe the federal government should legalize marijuana, for medicinal usage?


  1. JoMo says:

    YES… and how!


    Austin, TX

  2. loners153 says:

    Yes. It has been used for ages and there are much worse things out there that can harm a sick person. Nothing wrong with having Mother Nature help you out. People become more addictive to prescription drugs long after they lose the need to use them.

    North Carolina

  3. Alex G says:

    heres the deal, if it was legalized for “medicinal purposes” everyone and there mom would be doing whatever they could to get a rX. i think it should just be legalized period. same rules as drinking: dont do it and drive, dont do it at work, no minors, and you need a permit to sell it. but on the same note, the money that some local governments get from tickets and fines from drug offenders is crucial in keeping taxes from getting any higher than they already are. so if they did legalize it, they would have to put a tax on it to make up for the lost revenue. meaning would be paying more for our pot. summary: lets just keep things the way they are and everybody just dont be stupid about your smoking and get caught.

  4. dragonmuse says:

    Helps cancer patients with there appetite when taking chemo
    among many other uses.
    South Austin Texas

  5. Phil says:

    yes, yes, yes. if you have time, you should go rent the movie “the American drug war: the last white hope” it does a great job at showing the facade of the American drug war and how unsuccessful it has been and continues to be. Marijuana is not physically addictive, no one has ever died from an overdose, there are ways to consume without hurting your lungs (vaporizing/edibles). It’s one of the safest drugs known to man.


  6. ingriz says:

    yes. maryland.