Jamaica 2013 Smoking A Giant Medicinal Joint part 1


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Jamaica 2013 Smoking A Giant Medicinal Joint part 1Our group of medical marijuana patients smoke a fatty…

50 comments on “Jamaica 2013 Smoking A Giant Medicinal Joint part 1

  1. 1987sco on

    I love the sound of the bugs in the background. So peaceful! Reminds me of the spring peepers here in new england!

  2. Bazzabazeman on

    Suuuuure, ‘medicinal’ hahaha, that’s one damn awesome spliff, can’t wait to see what you put up for 4/20!

  3. Jim Bo on

    Oh my god!
    I saw a lot things in my life. I saw a snake taking a shit, I saw an airplane going backwards, I saw a horse vomiting to chinese guy. But I have never saw Joint like this!
    Awesome. Thanks for your videos Remo.
    PS: Next time you should supercharge joint this big 😀

  4. SuperMedicalmarijuan on

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  5. MrCrazyKush on

    That joint was no joke and that second jamaican was makin Clouds this whole sesh was incredible times! also lisa is awalsy funny in partys hehe , it makes me wanna go there with a bunch of buddys and have a memorial of the time you guys had there it semmed perfect this trip to Jamaica!!! ^^

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